Are Sean Varricchio and Davina Kuller still together?

Tonight was decision time for Married at First Sight’s couples and things looked tentative for all three of the couples. Sean Varricchio and Davina Kullar got off to a very strong start. Both were very attracted to one another and respectful of one another. They were both committed to the experiment and seemed the most likely of the three to stay together, but guess what? They did not.

Tonight both chose to go their separate ways and get a divorce. Not only did they get a divorce, but they left on bad terms really disliking one another. Looking back there were clues that things would not end well.

Early on Sean shared that he had recently experienced a miscarriage in Feb 2014 with a woman that he was dating. The experience brought him to tears because the pregnancy was pretty far along. I think the fact that the experience was so recent should have been a clue that he was not ready to be intimate with someone new.

Davina was a tough cookie. She demanded a lot from Sean. Not only did she insist that he live in Manhattan but also that he live on the very expensive Upper East Side in a 425 sf apartment which meant Sean would have a very long commute to his job everyday as an ER Nurse. Sean did not stay there every night and the last 3 weeks he barely stayed there at all.

Davina also seemed pretty fragile and sensitive which made Sean feel like he was walking on egg shells.

Both seemed like they were trying hard to make concessions, but that they were ultimately not happy.

I also looked for clues on the interwebs and someone who claimed to work with Sean made some interesting comments…claiming Sean was a big flirt even after he was “married” and that he never wore his ring to his job–bad sign.

They also claim that he was a self proclaimed “playboy” and was still out hooking up with other people in the hospital when “Baby Mama” was pregnant with his child in 2014. In other words co-workers suggested that Sean had some rather sociopathic tendencies which could explain a lot.

Sean visits his mom and dad and tells them he is a little disappointed in how things have gone.

I also thought it was ominous that on the way to their final meeting they Sean and Davina discussed “how much they had learned”. When the two meet with their matchmakers they make a few last minute jabs at one another. Sean calls Davina “egocentric” and Davina implies that Sean is “weak”.

So both Sean and Davina opt for a divorce.

After their meeting they head back to their apartment and start moving out. Sean says that he “cant get out of there fast enough” and leaves his wedding ring and keys on the kitchen counter.

The two have not seen each other or spoken since that day so the Reunion next week should be interesting!

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  1. Davina is in need of some very deep therapy. She pushes her insecurities on her spouse in a bullying way. I understand that most human beings have shortcomings and her ability to emasculate men is harrowing. Being beautiful is not enough to keep a man. Her insensitivity to her husband and selfishness seems to maker her more masculine than a soft, feminine female. She seemed to want to be alone, and only looked at a man as an accessory. I hope she finds the rich, take no prisoners, aggressive man that she needs. I wish she could see what most of us on the outside looking in, could see. Holding on to the past, gets blase after a while, let it go or let it be the reason for your life.


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