Sean Varricchio: nice guy or narcissist, sociopath, pathological liar?

Sean Varricchio: nice guy or narcissist, sociopath, pathological liar?

Sean Varricchio and Davina Kuller were the first couple to call it quits last night and I think it was pretty obvious that this relationship was tanking in the last few weeks of the Married at First Sight experiment. In fact Sean and Davina were the only couple who never had sex during their 6 weeks together.

A lot of people attacked Davina as the cause of the divorce for being too sensitive and too demanding, but in searching the internet and seeing what people who allegedly know Sean have said about him it looks like Sean may have had bigger issues than he let on.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

In fact I received some interesting inside info suggesting that Sean may have been a narcissist, a sociopath, and or a pathological liar.

Here was one allegation:

“The reason I have watched this season is because I personally know Sean. I have read all the comments and posts about him. Unfortunately, a lot of the negative that you hear is true. When word got out that he was going to be on this show a lot of people who work at the hospital with Sean were astonished. Reaper was pretty spot on with his perception of Sean. He is a pathological liar. He HAS told people that he was a doctor.”

The self proclaimed co-worker goes on to say:

“Sean likes to talk about Sean. Sean likes to hear himself talk about Sean. He has problems in relationships with women, his co-workers and family members.”

Wow! That is a pretty harsh statement–Check out what his co-workers had to say about how he treated his alleged ex-girlfriend and her pregnancy—if true it doesn’t really sound like a guy ready for a healthy lifetime commitment. Maybe this is why his parents seemed pretty apprehensive at the wedding.

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The question is how did Sean fool the experts?

What went wrong in the production and casting of the 2nd season of Married at First Sight?

That’s what makes me think sociopath/narcissist since sociopaths are masters at lying and manipulating and presenting a good face to the public.

“He has been bragging about this show from Day 1 and was talking about hopefully this being the building block to things like “Survivor and Amazing Race”.  He even told people he wanted a hot piece of you know what. That was his only requisite in finding a potential mate. He is a master manipulator and he may have some viewers fooled but people in his everyday REAL life aren’t fooled a bit.”

The commenter goes on to comment about Sean’s mom’s behavior during the wedding. Remember how Sean’s parents said Sean ‘hit the jackpot’ with Davina? Perhaps because they knew their son was a handful.

“You see the looks his mom made throughout the wedding? I can assure you that is because she is uncomforable and has NO idea what Sean may or may not have said. I really hope that when the cameras aren’t filming, Davina can see the real Sean. She seems like such a delightful person who has a lot to offer in a relationship. Hopefully if they do not consumate the marriage, she can get an annulment based on fraud.  There is just SO much more that people have no idea about. People question how the experts didn’t see any of this. When people have mastered the art of manipulation, such as Sean has, he can come across as believable as anyone.”

Wow! Well there were at least four commenters who claimed to know Sean personally and all made similar claims–so take it for what it’s worth.

We know that Sean and Davina have not seen one another since the show wrapped (except for the Reunion) and perhaps this is why. It didn’t sound like things were this awful from the editing but perhaps there was a lot more that we did not see and that the experts don’t want us to see because they were duped as well.

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2 thoughts on “Sean Varricchio: nice guy or narcissist, sociopath, pathological liar?”

  1. Omg yes! Yes!! Yes!!! I have been saying this since day one! He had no emotion behind his eyes at all. Nothing he said ever had any meaning and it always came across as fake and calculated. I can guarantee he also has a nasty little temper he just did a better job at hiding it compared to lunatic Ryan. Remember when he lost his mind because he decided the hotel staff must have stolen the ring even though davina said she lost it. They wouldn’t even show how he behaved on camera. I felt for Davina more and more each episode. Anytime she would speak he wouldn’t listen but expected her to take it all in and care about what he had to say. He turned it on her when she would notice this and call him out about it and then he in turned made it seem like she was just being needy and selfish. It was all about him- always about him. He said he wanted to move, even told the experts – yet he refused and tried to turn it on her. Davuna however made it clear to them she didn’t want to move and she wouldn’t. All of This was all very clear. Yet fans attacked her saying she wouldn’t compromise and it was all her fault and never held Sean accountable. He would try to come off like he was so caring and understanding yet never acted like it. Actions speak louder than words! He constantly played with her emotions and then acted the victim. He knew the fan base would mostly be women and he played right up to it and most ate it right up. I can not believe the comments I have read about Davina- not to mention the straight up attacks. It makes me sad to be a woman. There is no doubt in my mind Sean is a raging narcissist, and most women and even professionals will fall for their ways. They have learned to “play the game”, like saying all the right things, and giving just enough to win you over than bam it all changes- well atleast for the person in the relationship. And what about this whole GF miscarriage debacle. How does a man who was “oh so devastated” turn around only a few months later and go on a reality show where you are suppose to be looking for love and marriage. The time line doesn’t add up. Yes ladies totally seems like Prince charming right? What I don’t understand is how so many fans of the show missed all of this when it was all right there.

    • Tiff i completely agree with your comment. Funny how most people didn’t pick up that he was the problem all along.


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