Ben Higgins reveals that he is NOT a virgin!

This season of The Bachelorette has been one amazing situation after another. On one end we have Kaitlyn Bristowe being the first Bachelorette in history to sleep with contestants very early on (and with camera crew in tow). On the other end we have very Christian Ben Higgins confessing that he “lost the chase” with his last girlfriend Shaelin Jaid Adams as if the confession would rock Kaitlyn’s world.

But Ben doesn’t stop there this week — he goes on to reveal his deepest fear – that he is “unlovable” because he is not a virgin. That’s right—not a virgin. Did Ben think all the other guys on the show would be virgins?

The overshare is akin to Kacie B’s big confession on Ben Flajnik’s season—her High School bout with bulimia and anorexia and one very memorable Super Bowl party where her parents caught her in the act.

I am not sure if Ben is aware of how low his confession ranks this season in the grand scheme of season 11 confessions or in the entire history of Bachelor/Bachelorette confessions, but suffice it to say….it’s really low.

Ben reveals that he has not had many long-term girlfriends at the tender age of 26 and worries that there is something wrong with him. He talks about how much he “loved” his ex-girlfriend and how serious he was about her but does not know if the feeling was “mutual”. (See the latest update on that–looks like Shaelin broke his heart).

I love that Ben feels this big reveal is a “conversation” that needs to be had.

Ben also reveals that he is “falling in love” with Kaitlyn and could not wait for their overnight date so that they could stay up all night and “talk”. Oh dear God!

His emphasis on “talking” in the Fantasy Suites prompts Kaitlyn to wonder if Ben is a virgin—and why wouldn’t she!? This poor guy is toast. I can’t believe that he has made it this far with her.

In the meantime Kaitlyn is confessing to Shawn that she had sexual relations with Nick Viall in Ireland (after she had sex with him in San Antonio–although this point is never mentioned on camera.)

Season 11 of The Bachelorette

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