Ben Higgins ex girlfriend thinks Kaitlyn Bristowe may be a rebound

Denver, Colorado Bachelorette contestant Ben Higgins, 26 has slowly been revealing details about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Shaelin Jaid Adams, 22. Higgins dated her from 2012 to 2013 until she moved to Texas.

We knew distance was a problem in the relationship. We also knew that she told Ben that he had “lost the chase” in their relationship, but we did not know who broke up with who and if there were still any lingering feelings.

But now we know it was Shaelin who broke up with Ben and broke his heart. And it sounds like Ben was still not over her when he signed up for The Bachelorette — this is what I suspected since it looked to me like he still had feelings for her.

Shaelin Adams revealed some details to OK! magazine about their break-up.

“He told me he loves me a few times even after the breakup,”…. “It was hard for him to let go.”

She tells OK! that Ben may be on the show to get back at her for ending their relationship.

“I wouldn’t put it past any guy to use another girl to make his ex jealous.”

Wow! Those are some pretty serious allegations from an ex — especially considering how committed to ‘doing the right thing’ Ben appears to be. Word is that Ben is a front-runner to be the next Bachelor — which would definitely make any ex “jealous”, but I suggest producers get to the bottom of this situation before they cast Ben as their new lead.

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