Jason Knowles and Kate Stewart split after Jason gets caught on Tinder

Well I guess the fact that Married at First Sight star Jason Farnsworth Knowles was looking for a new place to live on Twitter, was not a good sign after all even after he insisted:

“Looking for a new flat doesn’t mean I am not still married!”

Apparently it did because 33-year-old Financial Adviser Jason Knowles and 31-year-old Personal Trainer/Entrepreneur Kate Stewart have split. Previews for the final episode reveal that the two broke-up after about three weeks when Jason signed up for Tinder!

It’s hard to believe because the couple looked thrilled on their wedding day a few weeks ago and Kate was absolutely stunning, but I guess things were not as rosy as they appeared.

Their Ireland honeymoon had to be cut short after three days so Jason could return to work.

And Jason revealed that the couple never consummated their marriage. Although, that may be strategic on their part since it’s not possible to get a divorce within a year of marriage, but if there is no sex the marriage can be annulled.

The couple was living together in a house in Bethnal Green, East London, but luckily kept their own separate properties in London.

One reason things went south for the couple was their demanding work schedules. The two rarely saw each other and even when the scheduled an appointment with their therapist Jo Coker, Jason failed to show up.

So between this incident and Tinder it looks like it was Jason who checked out of the relationship first.

UPDATE: 7/24/2015: Jason was caught making out with a girl while still married to Kate!

Photo Source: Channel 4


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