Why did Married at First Sight’s Jason and Kate break up?

Why did Married at First Sight’s Jason and Kate break up?

Married at First Sight couple Jason and Kate seemed like the perfect match at their wedding day a few weeks ago. In fact the two seemed like they had serious chemistry from the moment they laid eyes on each other, but that may not have been the case because unfortunately the couple has broken up after three short weeks together.

So what was the reason for the sudden break up?

Apparently Jason Knowles was not feeling romantic feelings for Kate from the get go.

The 33-year-old Financial Adviser said, ‘It was probably more from my side than hers that it didn’t work,’ …. ‘It’s not that I didn’t want to give it a go but I just definitely wasn’t feeling the feelings you should feel at the start of the relationship. I made a decision after the honeymoon to end things.’

A friend of Kate’s showed her that her Jason was registered on the Tinder dating app, which prompted her to call off the marriage.

But Jason claims that he only signed up to the dating service once he knew the relationship would not work.

Kate Stewart,31 told MailOnline : ‘At the moment I don’t want to do any interviews with the press.’

‘I know that Jason has already been to the press and things have been spun in a negative light, and I would only want to talk about the positives from the experience.’

‘I didn’t expect all of this attention, so I just need some time for things to settle down.’

Wow! Doesn’t sound like these two will even be friends at this point.

Jason also revealed that the they never consummated their marriage which would make them eligible for an annulment saying: ‘It’s a very personal question but I’ll be straight with you, nothing happened.’ 

Jason Knowles caught with another woman while he was still married!



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