More details on the break up of MAFS couple Jason Knowles and Kate Stewart

More details on the break up of MAFS couple Jason Knowles and Kate Stewart Married at First Sight is in it’s first season in the UK and it is off to a very rough start! One couple dropped out before the wedding and another couple barely lasted three weeks and it does not sound like … Read more

Jason Knowles caught with another woman while he was married

The UK is reeling from the shocking break up of Married at First Sight couple Jason Knowles, 33 and Kate Stewart, 31 after 3 short weeks together. Previews for the finale reveal that Kate discovered her new husband was signed up on Tinder! And now a photo has emerged on Facebook showing Knowles kissing another woman while still married to Kate Stewart. It was … Read more

Jason Knowles and Kate Stewart split after Jason gets caught on Tinder

Well I guess the fact that Married at First Sight star Jason Farnsworth Knowles was looking for a new place to live on Twitter, was not a good sign after all even after he insisted: “Looking for a new flat doesn’t mean I am not still married!” Apparently it did because 33-year-old Financial Adviser Jason Knowles and 31-year-old Personal … Read more

Jason Knowles and Kate Stewart: Married at First Sight UK

Last Thursday night on Married at first Sight we watched Financial Adviser Jason Farnsworth Knowles, 33, marry Personal Trainer/Entrepreneur Kate Stewart, 31. Jason was adorable and Kate was absolutely stunning. The experts claimed that the couple is an almost 100 per cent match especially with their “symmetrical faces”. Kate claims she has been single for 3 years because she … Read more

FYI’s ‘Married at First Sight’ launches spin-off in 2015!

FYI’s hit show Married at First Sight was such a success that the network is launching a spin-off serious in January of 2015 called Married At First Sight: The First Year set to premiere on Jan. 13. The show will follow the two couples who decided to stay married, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, and … Read more

‘Married at First Sight’ couple Doug Hehner & Jamie Otis stay together!!!!

After five weeks of marriage and 10 episodes, the journey of the 3 couples on FYI’s reality series  ‘Married at First Sight’ has come to a dramatic end. YAY!!! Bachelor star and 27-year-old Registered Nurse Jamie Otis married ‘at first sight’ 31-year-old commercial sales rep Doug Hehner and the two………….. decided to stay married!!! PHEW! The … Read more

Jamie Otis married on another reality show!

Jamie Otis Bachelor Pad finale

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????!!! How did this happen? And how did we miss this?! I’m not entirely sure where to begin here with this new information…. So, here’s the situation ….. Jamie Otis won us over on Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor with her awkward and aggressive impromptu lap dancing and make-out sessions with Bachelor Ben. She also … Read more