Kaitlyn Bristowe Hometown & Family

Kaitlyn Dawn Bristowe was born June 19, 1985 to mother Leslie Hipkin and father Mike Bristowe in the tiny town of Leduc, Alberta. 

The small town of Leduc is only 14.27 sq miles. It was first incorporated as a village in 1899, and became an official town in 1906, but it only became a city in 1983 when its population reached 12,000.

The economy of Leduc is built around the oil and gas industry and

Leduc, Alberta Location
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Leduc No. 1 oil well is the site of Alberta’s historical oil strike on February 13, 1947.

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s family

Kaitlyn has an older sister named Haley Jane Bristowe and she is a Hair Stylist at Shear Connection in LeDuc. And she has been very busy because she already has 4 kids! So Kaitlyn has 3 nephews and 1 niece. But it does not look like Haley is married to her baby daddy.

Haley Jane Bristowe
Haley Jane Bristowe


Kaitlyn’s dad works in Sales and Marketing for Norwesco Industries. In fact he has been working there since .

Source facebook
Source facebook

Kaitlyn’s parents divorced years ago, but her mother remarried Rob Hipkin in September of 2013 in Vernon, British Columbia. Rob is Manager Of Canadian Operations for Allied Fitting Corp.

Photo Source: The Knot
Photo Source: The Knot

Kaitlyn’s mother Leslie used to be a ballerina. Her father is remarried to Kaitlyn’s step-mom Kathy Bristowe.

Kaitlyn family Source: Twitter
Kaitlyn family
Source: Twitter

Kaitlyn is engaged to Shawn Booth!!!

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Ex-boyfriends

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