Jason Knowles caught with another woman while he was married

The UK is reeling from the shocking break up of Married at First Sight couple Jason Knowles, 33 and Kate Stewart, 31 after 3 short weeks together. Previews for the finale reveal that Kate discovered her new husband was signed up on Tinder!

And now a photo has emerged on Facebook showing Knowles kissing another woman while still married to Kate Stewart.

It was shared on Facebook last month with the caption: “You wouldn’t like it if you knew.”

Photo Source: facebook
Photo Source: facebook

Wow! Jason is catching a lot of flack on Twitter from fans who are appalled that he was not attracted to his wife Kate. The honeymoon was cut short because Jason had to return to work, but it appears as though Jason checked out from the get go.

Why did Married at First Sight’s Jason and Kate break up?

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