Are Joe Bailey and Samantha Steffen together?

Are Joe Bailey and Samantha Steffen together?

Bachelor in Paradise contestant Joe Bailey very quickly became the biggest villain in Bachelor history last night by lying to and manipulating single mom Juelia Kinney, 31 to give him a rose and then to make matters worse he humiliates and blasts “friend” Jonathan Holloway, for trying to let Juelia know that Joe does not have the best intentions with her, even forcing Jonathon to tell Juelia what he said—- all so Joe could get a rose so he could last until 28-year-old contestant Samantha Steffen arrives.

1439856243000_us_abc_320Jonathan sobs uncontrollably after Joe lectures him about betraying their friendship. The show was painful to watch to say the least and fans are dying to know if it was all worth it for Joe.

Previews show Joe and Samantha making out in a Jacuzzi and in the ocean at a photo shoot. It certainly looks like they are off to a good start and Sam does not reject him outright (shockingly) and even fights hard to protect him.

So do these two make it to the end and are they together?

Sadly, no, they do not. They make it through next week and Samantha takes Joe on a date. But trouble starts after their date when it’s discovered that they were talking to each other before the season began. Tanner claims Joe showed him a screen grab of a text Sam sent to him telling him to “do whatever it takes to stay” until she arrives. Understandably the cast is upset and feels betrayed.

And on episode 4 Nick Peterson arrives and wants to ask out Samantha but she was already with Joe, but at some point on episode 4 it comes out that Samantha was also talking to Nick Peterson before the show (I guess she was hedging her bets) leading to a fight between Joe and Samantha. So Samantha gives her rose to Dan Cox and Joe is sent packing. 

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