Cassandra Ferguson dumps Justin Reich for Jonathan Holloway!

On the finale of season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise 24-year-old single mom and makeup artist Cassandra Ferguson, chose to stay with 27-year-old personal trainer/single dad Justin Reich. The two do not get engaged which is understandable considering they did not even meet until episode 5. So on the After the Paradise episode after the finale Cassandra shocked everyone by announcing … Read more

Are Cassandra Ferguson and Justin Reich still together?

One hot couple that hits it off on season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise is single mom and makeup artist Cassandra Ferguson, 24 and personal trainer/single dad Justin Reich, 27. Unfortunately the two do not even meet until later in episode 5 after Cassandra arrives. So initially on episode 4 Justin asked Samantha Steffen out and she initially … Read more

Are Joe Bailey and Samantha Steffen together?

Are Joe Bailey and Samantha Steffen together? Bachelor in Paradise contestant Joe Bailey very quickly became the biggest villain in Bachelor history last night by lying to and manipulating single mom Juelia Kinney, 31 to give him a rose and then to make matters worse he humiliates and blasts “friend” Jonathan Holloway, for trying to let Juelia … Read more

ABC releases OFFICIAL Bachelor in Paradise cast list!

Ok so RS already leaked the cast of season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise a few weeks ago, but now ABC has released their very official list. Keep in mind ABC likes to add surprise cast members as the season progresses so these are the “starters”. The show will air with a two-night premiere on … Read more

Bachelor in Paradise 2015 cast

It’s hard to believe that Bachelor in Paradise 2015 has already begun filming, but it has! Reality Steve has released a few names of the upcoming cast. BiP 2015 Girls The girls that he suggests will appear from Chris Soules’ season are: Playboy model Jade Roper, Ashley Iaconetti, Megan Bell, cruise-ship singer Carly Waddell, Ashley … Read more

Bachelorette 2015 premier: Election night! The men vote for Kaitlyn or Britt


Bachelorette 2015 premier: Election night! The men vote for Kaitlyn or Britt ……. Tonight the limos and the cupcakes finally landed at the Bachelorette mansion and the 25 gentleman met their prospective future life partners: 30-year-old Vancouver Dance Instructor Kaitlyn Bristowe or 27-year-old Hollywood actress and waitress Britt Nilsson and the situations quickly began! So for the … Read more

Bachelorette 2015: Meet the Cast

Chris Soules season of The Bachelor JUST ended but Bachelor spoiler Reality Steve already has several of the cast members for the new season — Bachelorette season 11 — including ex boyfriend of Bachelor contestant Nikki Ferrell, Ryan McDill. So without further ado. Here is the list thus far. I will keep adding to it. … Read more