Are Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti together?

It is no secret that Bachelor in Paradise contestant Ashley Iaconetti, 26 has a HUGE crush on cast-mate Jared Haibon, 26. In fact the self-proclaimed virgin / Nanny from Wayne, New Jersey can not stop obsessing on Warwick, Rhode Island Bartender and has a meltdown every time he even talks to another girl. And it looked like Jared had Cougar fever for a while and had feelings for 34-year-old Hair-stylist Clare Crawley because he asked her on a date, but turns out he just wasn’t feelin’ it with Clare and breaks up with her and returns to Ashley.

It ‘appears’ that Jared actually has feelings for Ashley I after all and previews show Ashley scheduling a Fantasy suite date with Jared which suggests that maybe things did work out with them.

Remember I said ‘appears’ because sadly the two are not together and it’s probably all Kaitlyn’s fault—and the Cranberries because according to RS……

“During this episode, Jared leaves because he’s not feeling it with Ashley I. He left before the cocktail party even happened…….At the cocktail party, Ashley I. then leaves because she doesn’t have anyone left and apparently was still pining over Jared not being into her.”

But she still speaks very highly of Jared on the After Paradise show with host Chris Harrison so there must not be any bad blood between the two, and who knows maybe after Jared has time to heal from his 6 week relationship with Kaitlyn Bristowe he might change his mind.

Photo Source: ABC

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