Are Joshua Albers and Tenley Molzahn still together?

Are Joshua Albers and Tenley Molzahn still together?

Bachelor alumn Tenley Molzahn, 31 is in high demand on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. Last night she had 3 suitors including one suitor who came to paradise just to meet her, but she seems focused on 32-year-old Kuna, Idaho welder Joshua Albers. Even after she learned about some drug experimentation the Disney princess still seemed laser focused on Joshua and no one else.

So if you have read the spoilers you know the two make it to the final episode, but are Joshua and Tenley still together?

Nope, they are not. On the final episode the couples had to decide whether to stay together or not and Joshua and Tenley sadly broke up. But I suspect Tenley was just not ready to start a relationship with someone after ending her 5-year relationship with Bachelorette alumn Kiptyn Locke.


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