Caroline Stanbury writes, 5 ways To Spot A Social Climber

Sounds like Ladies Of London Blueblood, matriarch, business owner, and experienced socialite Caroline Stanbury is having a little fun with her notoriety as London’s resident “mean-girl”. She is famous for dating very famous men like Prince Andrew, The Duke of YorkHugh Grant, Sylvester Stallone, and Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs. But she is also famous for her wicked tongue — so it’s not really a shock that she has penned an article titled, 5 ways To Spot A Social Climber on her blog.

In her classic saucy tone Caroline contends that unlike Americans, the British make people earn their social status and she serves up her professional advice on how to spot one of these imposters.

“Having been born unto London society I have met a fair share of debutante’s working their way through social circles in order to climb the proverbial ladder and have a fool proof checklist of spotting society climbers”

She calls them out on their insincere enthusiasm…

“A social climber will say yes to just about everything and offer to help without the question being raised. Don’t be mistaken by the veneer of enthusiasm, a social climber is overtly insincere in their motives to be involved in what you’re doing.”

She also calls them out on the name-droppers saying —-

“A true socialite knows that in polite company it’s a faux pas to reel off a list of your closet pals.”

—-As well as their need to insert themselves into a conversation with important people…

“A social climber will shamelessly impose herself into the conversation whilst making sure that they make a show of their Versace stroller and Armani changing bag”.

Incidentally Caroline is the CEO of her company Gift-Library, which promises customers it can find the most exotic, valuable and hard to find gifts on the planet. Some say Caroline is being a hypocrite since she has reportedly spent over £100,000 on handbags from designers including Chanel and Hermes.

But I say…….she’s amazing! I mean really the very wealthy British blue blood/professional ‘mean-girl’ / socialite has a mouth like a sailor, but she knows how to make fun of herself which means she always wins.

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