Why did Becca Tilley stand up Jared Haibon?

Apparently when Bachelorette contestant Jared Haibon was on Bachelor in Paradise he wasn’t just pining away for Kaitlyn Bristowe, he was also crushing on contestant Becca Tilley from Chris Soules’ season. The two were scheduled to meet up for a date in L.A. 2 weeks ago and Becca cancelled at the last minute.

Jared Haibon

So what gives? Why would Becca bail on just a date?

Remember on Twitter Becca proclaimed that,

“Ben H is what most 26 yr old virgins named Becca are looking for.” Well it looks like she finally got her chance.

Sounds pretty definite that Becca was cast on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor and she did not want to jeopardize her chances with the 27-year-old Software rep. An insider claims…

“My understanding is that her returning was basically a done deal a day or two before she was supposed to meet up with Jared. She got word of it a day or two before.”

Days before the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise, Reality Steve said that Jared had an interest in someone from the “Bachelor family” After the finale he revealed it was Becca and they planned to meet.

“The person in question was Becca. They’ve been doing the whole incestuous Bachelor family flirting, and they were supposed to see each other when he was in LA last week for After Paradise. What happened? Nothing. Apparently he never heard from her when he got in town, even though she had said they would.”

Yep! That’s because Becca was heading to the Bachelor mansion to meet Ben H!!!!

The Bachelor 2016 airs Monday, Jan. 4, 2016 on ABC at 8PM.

Photo Source: ABC

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