Ladies of London Marissa Hermer Net Worth

Marissa Hermer, 33 is one of the stars of Bravo’s show Ladies of London which chronicles the lives of 6 London socialites. Marissa is American born, but married Boujis nightclub owner Matt Hermer in 2010. Boujis is a very posh club frequented by many A-List celebrities and royals like Prince Harry.

Marissa Hermer Source: Twitter
Marissa Hermer
Source: Twitter

Marissa has worked in high-end branding for some time. When she lived in New York she worked for fashion luxury powerhouse Nadine Johnson and Syndicate Media Group. She also helped Ian Schrager launch several fashion, luxury restaurants and nightclub brands.

Currently the socialite is special projects director for her husband’s family business the Ignite Group which owns Boujis and the Bumpkin restaurant chain.

The London power couple has a net worth of up to £25 million according to the Daily Mail.

‘Marissa was cast as the super-pretty girl next door and wholesome American,’ claims an insider. ‘She is really well connected and arranged for some of the show to be filmed at her husband’s VIP venues.’

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