Ladies of London season 3 premiere date and cast

Thankfully Bravo did renew Ladies of London for a season 3, but until now fans have been anxiously awaiting an actual premiere date. Last year the show aired in early September, but it looks like Bravo took a little longer to wrap it up in season 3 because the show will air on November 29th, 2016. So … Read more

What to expect on season 3 of Ladies of London?

What to expect on season 3 of Ladies of London? Bravo still has yet to release an air date for the 3rd season of Ladies of London, but undoubtedly a premiere date is imminent since last year the show premiered in early September and filming began earlier this year. So what can viewers expect in … Read more

Who is Marissa Hermer’s husband Matt Hermer?

Marissa Hermer, the 33-year-old socialite and star of Ladies of London, has one of the most fascinating husbands on the hit show. Her husband is self-made millionaire and nightclub proprietor Matt Hermer, 44. He is most famous for creating the world-renowned South Kensington nightclub, Boujis which opened in 2002, where the likes of Princes William and Harry along … Read more

Ladies of London Marissa Hermer Net Worth

Marissa Hermer, 33 is one of the stars of Bravo’s show Ladies of London which chronicles the lives of 6 London socialites. Marissa is American born, but married Boujis nightclub owner Matt Hermer in 2010. Boujis is a very posh club frequented by many A-List celebrities and royals like Prince Harry. Marissa has worked in high-end branding for some … Read more

Bravo’s ‘Ladies of London’ premiere recap

LONDON…..IS…..CALLING!!!!! So tonight the The Real Housewives of London….I’m sorry, I mean Ladies of London, premiered on Bravo with its first episode titled, “My Fair Ladies of London.” I have been anxiously awaiting the premiere of this show for weeks! One of the things that most intrigues me about the new series is the distinguished cast! … Read more

Marissa Hermer ‘Ladies of London Season’ 1 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter

Marissa Hermer Ladies of London Season 1 Bio Name: Marissa Hermer Age: 32 Nationality: American Occupation: Director of Special Projects, Ignite Education: Middlebury College, Vermont Husband: Matt Hermer, nightclub owner and resurateur in London Children: 2 sons Hometown: Laguna Beach and raised in Newport Beach, California Claim to fame: Married to Matt Hermer, owner of Boujis … Read more

Bravo’s Ladies of London looks like a serious situation!

Thank you Bravo for serving up yet another shameless reality show — I’m sorry, “docu-drama”, about elite socialites having situations — It’s called Ladies of London and it looks amazing! This time Bravo is taking their cameras overseas to follow a group of beautiful, bitchy, British bluebloods and a few wealthy and well connected American ex-pats that are guaranteed to be … Read more