Ben Higgins turns to his mom for support as he contemplates quitting The Bachelor

Well this would be a brand new situation for The Bachelor franchise — the lead leaving the show mid-production, but apparently that’s what may be happening behind the scenes now with Bachelor Ben Higgins.

Season 20 is well into production and the 26-year-old Denver, Software Sales Rep wants to bail according to an insider at OkMagazine.

“He’s really stressed out,” ……..” It’s way to overwhelming and crazy for him.”

The insider also claims the women are “nuts!” and the arrival of Becca Tilley, amplified things.

“They’re all jealous of each other and mad that Becca is back,” the source said. “The women are getting really catty.”

Ben has allegedly been confiding in his mom Amy and seeking her advice about whether to leave because he “doesn’t know if he can handle it.”

This is also on the heels of news that he was recently at a Taylor Swift concert with a young woman named Kelly Osborn.

This has never happened with the franchise. So what would they do? Do they have an understudy on tap and ready to go if the lead bails?

Source: Roca, Teresa (Oct 7, 2015). Ben Higgins Wants To Quit The Bachelor Because Of ‘Catty’ Contestants – Inside His Shocking Decision To Leave The Show: Report. Retrieved from

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