Caila Quinn — Bachelor 2016 — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

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Caila Quinn — Bachelor 2016 — Bio, Photos, Wiki

Name: Caila Quinn

Full Name: Caila Lauren Quinn (just to add one more Lauren to the mix)

Age: 23

Hometown: Lives in Wellesley Hills Mass. / Boston, Mass, From Hudson, Ohio

Occupation: Software Sales Rep/ Business Development Associate at Reflexis Systems

Prior to that she worked at PAN Communications doing Marketing & HR Intern.

She also now teaches Bolly X fitness!

Education: Boston College Carroll School of Management degree in Marketing 2014. Spent her Junior year studying in Germany.

High School: Bentonville High School

Ethnicity: Filipino (mother) German/Irish/Swiss (father)

Birthday: December 10th, 1991

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Enneagram: 3, The Achiever-Performer

Height: 5’4”

Tattoos: She has a tattoo of the Hawaiian islands on her stomach/right hip

Eyes: Brown

Hair color: Brown

From her profile in 2013;

“Last semester I studied abroad in Germany and taught English to young students. I am currently the President of the AHANA Management Academy that promotes diversity in the workplace and hosts speakers, etiquette dinners, & resume workshops. Last year I was the treasurer for the Boston College Philippine Society and I continue to stay involved. I love to travel and practice my German, which I started in college. ”

Caila Quinn tattoo
Source: Instagram

She has also done some modeling and Asian runway competitions. She has to be 5’6’’ or below because that was the requirement to enter the competition she won.

(Special thanks to an insider who gave us the heads up on Caila before RS released her name. In fact I suspect a big part of the reason RS has released so many names so early after saying he would not is because we and others have already released them.)

Insider claims Caila Quinn still had a boyfriend when she applied for the show.

She was the 2013 Miss Maria Clara for the Cleveland Chapter of Knights of Rizel.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 7.44.12 PM

You can get a sense of Caila’s spunky personality from this cute old video of her talking about what girls are looking for in a guy….A—dorable!

Additional info on Caila.

From her ABC profile:
Favorite Music:
Coffee House music like Brett Dennen, Colbie Caillat, Ingrid Michaelson, U2 (reminds me of my Dad), Peter Fox (German singer with amazing fusion music)All-Time Favorite Movies:My Fair Lady, Count of Monte Cristo, Chitty Chitty Bang BangCold or Hot Weather?:  I prefer fall weather, so I guess cold because you get to cuddle up close.Where do you meet guys?I meet guys in the city… at Starbucks…on airplanes. I’m one of those rare people that believes in fate… and always tries to be present. You never know. 🙂What is your greatest achievement to date? Working as a waitress for three years part-time to pay for my study abroad in Germany. It was a dream of mine to go, and I’m proud that I made it happen.What is your cultural background, and how important is it to you? I am half Filipino and half German/Irish/Swiss. It is important to me to be open to trying new things and I would hope to share some traditions. More on her ethnicity.

Source: Instagram

What is your favorite television show and why? 

Game of Thrones! Because I’m a closet nerd that loves the deep plot and sexy tension.

I hate it when my date… Curses… picks their nose/overly wipes their nose… breathes heavily… is too protective too soon….gets so cheesy that it seems fake, like, “Here is a leaf on a bush we passed on our first date because I’m a romantic guy.”

If you could be any fruit or vegetable, which would you be?

Pomegranate … it’s the forbidden fruit that is complicated to open, but very rewarding, tasty and good for you. Plus it tastes so good!!!

Do you plan on having kids someday?

If yes, how many and why? Yes!!! I would love to have 3 kids, because that’s the perfect amount to fit in a 5-seater car for traveling.”

Source: Instagram

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The Bachelor 2016 premieres Monday, Jan. 4, 2016 on ABC at 8PM.

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