Joelle Fletcher ethnicity, family & ex boyfriend

We first spotted 24-year-old Dallas, Texas Real estate Developer Joelle Fletcher 2 years ago when she made a cameo alongside big brother Ready for Love Bachelor Ben Patton. She was only 22-years-old then — not quite ready for a life-partner, but she is now (a full 2 years later) and smoking’ hot —- and now it is her turn to search for love on national television!

Joelle nicknamed “JoJo” has a VERY interesting background and comes from a super tight-knit and successful family.

You may need a flow chart to put the pieces together of this blended family so I will do my best.

Source: Twitter

To start, Joelle is the daughter of two super-achiever Doctors.

Her dad Dr. Joseph Fletcher is a gastroenterologist (aka he does colonoscopies among other fun things) in Denton, Texas. He got his medical degree from University of Tennessee College of Medicine and has been in practice for 42 years.

Her mother Soraya Fletcher has a PhD from the prestigious Vanderbilt School and is a Nurse Practitioner in Denton, Texas. Interestingly, Soraya was raised in Iran where she met Ben’s father George Patton (Irish background). She is Iranian and is the daughter of a very prominent Iranian businessman.

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Soraya and George Patton

Soraya and Ben’s father George escaped the Iranian revolution and came to the US (this is before Joelle was born). The two separated and Ben was primarily raised by his mom. Ben has an older brother named Matt Patton (half brother to Jojo).

Joelle Fletcher and her family

Soraya and Joseph Fletcher

Eventually Soraya met her current husband Joseph who already had two children from a previous marriage Peter Fletcher, and Rachel Fletcher and Soraya and Joseph had Jojo.

In addition to her super-achiever parents, she has some super-achiever siblings….

Joelle Fletcher’s brothers and sisters

Joelle’s sister Rachel Fletcher is 30 and is a Registered Nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital and a Registered Nurse at Seton Healthcare Family and lives in Houston, Texas.

Brother Peter Fletcher, 28 is a resident Physician at Banner—University Medical Center.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Half-brother Ben Patton, 34 (that’s right “half”, not “step” like the other sites are claiming—they share a mother) requires his own page because he is a situation unto itself. He starred on NBC’s short-lived version of The Bachelor in 2013. He also dated show producer and A-list Actress Eva Longoria!


As to Joelle’s ethnicity — well we know this from an insider of another reality show — she is Persian. In fact her mom returns to the Middle East quite often to assist poor countries with humanitarian needs.

Ex boyfriend

Source: Twitter
Chad Rookstool & Matt Nordgren

Then as usual, wherever there is a hot girl, there is an ex boyfriend that we need to investigate. Joelle’s ex is 38-year-old Chad Rookstool owner of Chad Rookstool Salon in Dallas. Chad looks very Christian Btw, because he is really in to Joel Olsteen on Twitter.

And do you remember the reality show on Bravo called Dallas Most Eligible? It looks like Chad was at least up for a spot since people were voting for him to be in the top 10 and he is pals with stars of the show like Matt Nordgren.

Chad is dog sitting for JoJo while she stars on The Bachelor.

Anyhow, that’s the breakdown. If Joelle makes it to Hometowns, it should be very interesting!

Ben Higgins on Jojo’s brother’s comment about ‘brainwashing’ her

Why did ben pick Lauren over Jojo?

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  2. I could not stomach JOJO the whole show. Like the mother said “she is their Princess” and was raised like one. She is not down to earth at all like a normal person and seems to think she is the center of the universe and everyone is to flock around her like apparently she was raised. She comes from extreme money it seems and acts like she is better than everyone. This Jordan thing is not going to last. I couldn’t get ovder hgow her sister just sat there last night with the whole family like she was told NOT to speak because the baby JOJO was the center of attention. Those two goofy brothers think they are something and that poor sister just sat there like a lump. You think two sisters would have something to say to each other regarding who she wanted to pick (Jordan or Robbie). Jo jo has been doted on all her life it seems and doesn’t even know what it is to be normal in this world. She is ok looking but not the most beautiful in the world, I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten a nose job yet. Robbie is sooo better off and Jordan better watch his step because like Ben said those two brothers are scary and can anyone disappear.

  3. I KNEW that gross looking “jo jo” was some kind of middle eastern with that broad nose(before surgery) flat chest, and pure giveaway, her thick black hair all over her body that you can tell she shaves or waxes daily because she gets the five o’clock shadow if she stays out on dates late.
    I LOVE how she calls herself “Persian” – -LOL. You are an Iranian you gross Beeotch

    • Wow Persian women are among the most beautiful women in the world. You are blind and racist. Who has eyes like Perisans? Hopefully you can heal whatever wounds are making you say such nonsense

    • by the way, a persian women who often got stopped in the streets for being ‘gorgeous and stunning’, and people always asking my mother if she is a face model, my mother an i had absolutely no hair on our bodies. You are generalizing and super racist. But looks are not that important anyway, it is the kindness of the heart that is important. I am just letting you know these things to check your facts!


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