Who is Lauren Bushnell from The Bachelor?

Lauren Bushnell is one of 3, thats right THREE Lauren’s on the 2016 season of The Bachelor—and two of them are Lauren B’s! And she already has a rather interesting connection to the show. She is friends with California Viva Glam Supermodel Anna Von Staehle, Josh Murray’s ex girlfriend (the two JUST broke up).

Anyhow, Lauren B is 25-years-old. She was born February 2nd, 1990 and is originally from Portland, Oregon but is currently living in Los Angeles, California where she works as a Flight attendant for Alaska Airlines — along with her equally gorgeous sister Mollie. Prior to that she worked as a Human Resources Assistant for Wasserman Media Group , LLC.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Lauren attended the University of Oregon along with pal Anna.

Lauren Bushnell bachelor contestant
Source: Instagram
Lauren Bushnell
Source: Instagram

Her parents David and Kristin Bushnell, both 53, have been happily married for more than 27 years. Lauren and her family are devout Christians.

She lives with roomate Whitney Young and has 2 brothers Brett and Bryant.

The other two Lauren’s are Lauren Barr, 23, from Stillwater, OK and Lauren Himle 25, from Ann Arbor, MI. Stay tune for more.

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