Are Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell still together?

Tonight Bachelor Ben Higgins proposed to 25-year-old Alaska Airlines flight attendant Lauren Bushnell, but since the proposal was taped Lauren has seen the show. And she has seen how torn Ben was about his feelings for runner-up Dallas real estate developer Jojo Fletcher.

So with that said, are Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell still together?

Well……..yes……..for now at least.

We are cautiously optimistic, but things have definitely been difficult behind the scenes.

A recent report in In Touch claimed,

“She is having a very hard time getting over the fact that Ben told another woman ‘I love you’ within hours of proposing to her.” …. “The winner knew that Ben had feelings for the runner-up, but she didn’t realize how strong those feelings were until she watched the show. He was indecisive on who to pick until the last minute.”

Well, we all saw that coming, right?

But tonight on the After the Final Rose show the two appeared blissfully happy and very much a “team” insisting that they wanted to get married soon. Lauren even said she was moving to Denver in a few weeks to be with Ben.

The two did decide to forgo an offer by ABC to get married tonight on live television, opting instead for a big wedding with all of their family and friends. Not sure if earlier they were considering the offer.

That said. I have concerns. I am worried Lauren is going to have a hard time getting over this.

The thing is these contestants have to get that this is not a normal way to start a relationship and in the real world there is no way that Ben would have proposed to a girl while dating another girl.

But Ben was thrust in to a world where he was contractually obligated to spend romantic time with other women while dating Lauren. Thus him developing feelings for Jojo or anyone else was almost inevitable.

But after Lauren sees Ben quietly whisper that he is “in love” with Jojo tonight on a bathroom floor in an effort to evade ABC cameras and boom mics she may change her mind.

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1 thought on “Are Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell still together?”

  1. I know there are things we don’t get to see but Jojo seemed so sincere I truly think Ben made a mistake that now some other guy on the next season wont.


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