Who is the boyfriend Olivia Caridi dumped to meet The Bachelor?

Looks like word is out that Bachelor 2016 contestant and 1st impression rose winner Olivia Caridi dumped a pretty serious boyfriend to be on The Bachelor and insiders that know the boyfriend are not to happy about it.  

So who is the boyfriend that Olivia Caridi dumped to meet Bachelor Ben?

Thanks to an insider we know….

He is 26-year-old Josh Rose from Bristol Tennessee—and he is a Law Student in Lynchburg, Virginia (which was 200 miles away from where Olivia lived in Bristol, Virginia) and a former Congressional Intern for Tennessee Congressman Phil Roe.

Source: Linkedin
Source: Linkedin

Prior to attending law school Josh attended East Tennessee State University Johnson City, Tennessee where he got a Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing Management.

And he has been to a few different Law schools working on his JD including Charlotte School of Law in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I am guessing that the break up took Josh by surprise because some people close to him are angry with the 23-year-old blonde aspiring newscaster.

I suspect we will see this situation play out on the show.

BTW, guess what? Olivia is not the only one being accused of being ‘fake’ and dumping a serious boyfriend to go on the show….

Who is Olivia Caridi? 

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