5 reasons Bachelor Ben Higgins might choose contestant Lauren Bushnell

Chances are pretty good that Bachelor Ben Higgins will deliver the final rose to a girl named “Lauren” on the 2016 season of The Bachelor. Because there are THREE “Lauren’s” on the show this season and if he does choose a girl named “Lauren” I am putting money on 25-year-old Lauren Bushnell from Portland, Oregon. Why? Because I think she has the ‘perfect’ balance of charm and charisma and wholesome Christian values.

I know he really liked Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, but let’s be honest…that would have NEVER worked because Kaitlyn is far too much of a bad girl for him—way too much yin to his yang. I mean we are talking about a guy who has a total of one tattoo and it’s a bible verse.

So here are 5 reasons Bachelor Ben Higgins might choose contestant Lauren Bushnell

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1: She’s a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines.

If you are going to start with a long distance relationship who better than a flight attendant? Lauren is based in Los Angeles but can jump on a flight to Denver for the weekend for free to see her new beau.

2: She is Christian and comes from a very Christian family.

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Faith is extremely important to her whole family. And we know how important religion is to Ben. Although the topic is never discussed on the show religion can make or break a couple. Sean Lowe was the last devout Christian to lead and he chose Catherine Giudici who was baptized by his father at his church in Dallas. Since Sean and Catherine are the only successfully married Bachelor couple it speaks to the importance of sharing religious beliefs with your life partner.

3: She is friends with Josh Murray’s ex girlfriend, Anna Von Staehle.

The two Attended the University of Oregon. Josh Murray and Anna broke up in October of 2015.

4: Her parents David Bushnell, 53, and Kristin Reason Bushnell, 53 have been happily married for 27 years. 

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Ben’s parents Amy and David have been happily married for 34 years.

5: She has an arrest record.

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She was arrested for being publicly intoxicated at a Coachella Festival along with her sister Mollie. As much as Ben is ‘Perfect Ben’, he likes a little bit of a bad girl, so I have a feeling this is about as “bad” of a girl as Ben could handle.

I wonder if that is like Disney jail?

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The Bachelor 2016 premieres Monday, Jan. 4, 2016 on ABC at 8PM.

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