5 things to know about Bachelor contestant Caila Quinn

Twenty-three-year-old Caila Quinn from Hudson, Ohio stars on season 20 of The Bachelor and she will most definitely be one to watch. Right out of the gate I received some inside info that Caila will bring some serious drama. And here are a few reasons why….

5 things to know about Bachelor contestant Caila Quinn

1. She’s a beauty Queen ……. and maybe a drama queen…..

No one brings drama like a beauty Queen right?

In 2011 she won an Asian Fashion Supermodel Competition in Boston. She is only 5’4″ though so she can only really do print modeling.

Additionally an insider told us…..“I’ve seen this girl in action – she’s been a princess all her life and she’s all about Caila. It took a few years to figure it out, but she’s really good at manipulating people and situations. I am not surprised she’s made it this far in the process. If she is f1 no way it will last. I don’t see how she and Ben have anything of any real substance in common. IMO”

2. She is incredibly smart.

Caila graduated from Boston College Carroll School of Management in 2014 with a degree in Marketing and spent her Junior year in Germany teaching English.

3. She is Filipino

Source: Facebook

— half at least — on her mother’s side. Her mom Rosanna Quinn, immigrated to the United States from the Philippines when she was only 7 years old. Caila was very actively involved in the Philippine Society at Boston College. Her dad Chris Quinn, 50 is German/Irish/Swiss.

4. Her family is very wealthy.

Her dad Chris Quinn is the CEO of Streetsboro toymaker Step2. In fact an insider told us “college graduation present from her parents was a Mercedes SUV.”

Source: twitter

5. She has a tattoo of the Hawaiian islands on her stomach/right hip

Bonus—And one bonus fact: She had a boyfriend when she applied for the show!

In fact it sounds like she dumped said boyfriend as soon as she was cast on The Bachelor.
An insider told us:
“I will tell you one more thing. She dated a guy exclusively for over a year, broke up with him in July, and now has popped up on the Bachelor.”

UPDATE 01/11/2016: But that boyfriend is NOT Ricky Knapp of Boston as WetPaint and other sites are claiming. I can assure you WetPaint is dead wrong. They are speculating based on a few photos of the two hanging on social media. A new low in journalism.

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