The Ben Higgins virginity situation

The Ben Higgins virginity situation never seems to end. Poor Ben. His heartfelt confession about his insecurities about “not being a virgin” were captured by cameras and broadcast on primetime national television for all the world to enjoy including his mom and grandma.

Of course it was all Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe’s fault. Kaitlyn has no filter which is part of why we loved her so much. She asked the 26-year-old Denver software salesman point blank whether or not he was a virgin because after he told her he just wanted to just “talk” in the Fantasy Suite.

“Thanks Kaitlyn!” Higgins laughed. “It’s not something you expect to be brought up. I don’t think it was something my grandma or my mom didn’t expect or were shocked by, but it was weird!”

“I have to thank Kaitlyn for taking the opportunity to ask me that on national television. So now my grandma knows for certain!”

Ben was a lot like Bachelor Sean Lowe in that he was VERY Christian and very committed to staying pure for Jesus.

He was explaining to Kaitlyn that he was worried that he was “unlovable” since he had given up his virginity prior to making a lifetime commitment. No word yet on whether or not Ben is a “born again virgin” like Sean Lowe was, but I am guessing that he will not sleep with all 3 women in the coveted Fantasy Suite dates.

Thankfully ABC has given him a solid group of Christian potential life partners.

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