5 Things to know about Catherine Lowe

Catherine Lowe is starring with husband and Bachelor Sean Lowe on the current season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and here are a few interesting things you may not know about her.

5 Things to know about Catherine Lowe

1. She is pregnant with Bachelor Sean Lowe’s baby! Yes despite staring on Marriage Boot Camp these two are not breaking up any time soon because Catherine is with child.

Source: Instagram

Catherine posted a photo with the caption “Hey baby…” on December 8th and Sean posted a similar photo with the caption, “It’s happening! I’m going to be a dad!”.

2. She is half filipino and half Swiss/Italian. The Catherine Giudici Ethnicity question was answered by her father. In fact her mother is a trustee of the Filipino American National Historical Society.catherine-giudici-family

3. She is Christian like husband Sean Lowe. In early January 2014 she was baptized by Sean’s father Jay Lowe at the Plymouth Park Baptist Church in Irving, Texas.

“Becoming a Christian was a personal decision she made herself and had nothing to do with Sean or impressing the family,” Sean’s father said.

4. She’s a self-proclaimed “opportunistic vegan” and prior to becoming a celebrity Catherine had a vegan blog. After a trip to Kenya, Catherine became a vegan.

5. Her parents are divorced. Her dad Carey Giudici and Cynthia Mejia Giudici have been divorced since 2002. Catherine_Giudici_Bio

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