5 Things to know about Joelle Fletcher aka Jojo

Joelle Fletcher aka Jojo has been cast on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor and she has one of the more interesting bios.

Here are 5 Things to know about Joelle Fletcher:

1: Her family is no stranger to reality Television.

Half-brother Ben Patton, 34 was a Bachelor on NBC’s short-lived version of The Bachelor, Ready for Love in 2013. Jojo appeared on the show to vet the women competing for his heart. In fact Ben was supposed to be The Bachelor and had signed a contract with ABC, but he was always overseas when ABC wanted him and eventually NBC bought his contract out.

And ex-boyfriend Chad Rookstool is close to members of the cast of Dallas Most Eligible. In fact it looks like Chad was in the running to be on that show. Ben Patton Ready for Love

2: She is Persian.

Her mother Soraya Fletcher was raised in Iran and came to the US with Ben Patton’s father George Patton. Her mom returns to the Middle East quite often to assist poor countries with humanitarian needs. Her Dad Joseph Fletcher was born and raised in Tennessee.

3: She is still close to her ex boyfriend Chad Rookstool.

— who is watching her dog while she’s away filming The Bachelor. This could be a ‘situation’.

4: Both of her parents are Doctors.

Her dad is Dr. Joseph Fletcher. He is a gastroenterologist in Denton, Texas and has been in practice for 42 years.

Source: Facebook

Her mother Soraya Fletcher has a PhD from Vanderbilt School and is a Nurse Practitioner in Denton, Texas.

5: She only has step-siblings and they are on both her mom and dad’s side.

Her father already had daughter Rachel Fletcher (Nurse) and son Peter Fletcher (Intern) when her mom and dad met. And Soraya had Ben Patton and Matt Patton with her ex husband George.

Ben Higgins turns to God and mom for help making his final decision

Does Jojo Fletcher get back together with her ex boyfriend Chad Rookstool?

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