David Norton and Ashley Doherty headed for divorce after disastrous Honeymoon?

This week Married at First Sight couples returned from their honeymoons to begin their real lives and find a place to live together. But one couple looks like they are already in serious trouble and may be on the fast track to divorce.

David Norton, 29 and Ashley Doherty, 30 had virtually no contact during their honeymoon except for some very awkward high-fives and they most certainly did not consummate their marriage.

David is devastated after they failed to have a spark. “We don’t even touch at all,” David told cameras. Ashley claimed “Intimacy is definitely going to take time.”

After they returned Ashley decided to stay alone much to the disappointment of David.

“My wife has chosen tonight to spend the night without me at her place,” David revealed….. “It’s starting to hit me right now that maybe my wife doesn’t like me. Being here by myself, I feel defeated.” He adds, “It’s disheartening. I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight. Maybe that wine will help. I’m starting to think my marriage is in trouble, and I need to figure out a way to save it.”

But David is determined to win Ashley over so he offers to chip in more for their home since he makes more money. But unfortunately the gesture was not appreciated by Ashley. In fact she was offended saying…

“It’s a little much for me.”

Luckily she changed her tune as soon as she saw the home. “I think it’s a really kind, thoughtful gesture that David has offered to step up to the plate and take the financial burden off me,” she said in her ITM.

So take heart, things may be changing for these two!

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