Ben Higgins contestants and their ex boyfriend situations

Seems every season of The Bachelor brings a bevy of situations and one always involves an ex boyfriend…Courtney Robertson, Tierra Li Causi, Casey Shteamer, (Remember when Chris Harrison explained to Casey that, “three different people in the United States turned her in”?)

These situations often come to light some time mid season and involve Chris Harrison and an I-Pad and a manilla envelope and some of The Bachelor production crew breaking in to frame to confront the contestant with evidence.

This season their seem to be more lingering exes than usual with Ben Higgins cast of amazing ladies.

Caila Quinn

We received an email before the season even began and before Caila’s name had even been released that the 23-year-old Software Sales Rep (now Bollywood dance instructor) from Boston, Massachusetts claiming that she dumped someone in late July to go on the show. In fact Caila explains in her into video that she recently dumped a guy when she saw Ben step out of the limo during Kaitlyn’s season (although it actually was much more recent than that).

Source: Instagram

The boyfriend needless-to-say was shocked when Caila turned up on The Bachelor. They were monogamous and together for a good solid year which makes me think Caila may not be ready to commit to a life partner despite being a “sex panda”.

Olivia Caridi

The amazing Olivia–in addition to being obsessed with Bachelor Ben and calling him “her husband” she also dumped a guy named Josh Rose to be on The Bachelor and was dating him when she applied to be on the show.

So the story is nearly identical to Caila’s–timing and all.

In fact she allegedly dumped him when she received the call back from producers that she had been cast.

An insider said this: “She’s opportunistic, she’s fake and she’s only on The Bachelor for the fame.”

Well she certainly is doing an amazing acting job if this is true because she appears genuinely head over heels in love with Ben. From what I have observed I would say it’s less about her being “fake” and more about her being a bit Axis 2 aka Bipolar or dare I suggest Borderline Personality or…… just delivering an Oscar-worthy performance.

Her ex has not come up yet.

Jojo Fletcher

Jojo also dumped a boyfriend a mere 5 months prior to meeting Ben. But unlike Caila and Olivia, it doesn’t sound like Jojo dumped her ex to go on The Bachelor, but the recent timing of the break up could be a major situation and could potentially be a deal breaker in the budding relationship between Ben and Jojo—particularly since the breakup was one-sided.

Chad Rookstool
Source: twitter

Her ex 38-year-old Chad Rookstool essentially just “was not that in to” 24-year-old Jojo. And history shows us that nothing makes an ex hotter for you than going on The Bachelor to meet someone else.

Ben seemed satisfied with Jojo’s claim that she was ready to move on, but we shall see.

Amanda Stanton

Then we have Amanda Stanton, the Disney/Nickelodeon actress who does not have an ex boyfriend, she has an ex husband and baby daddy which is a serious situation in and of itself. Amanda has two very young girls with her ex 28-years-old Nick Buonfiglio.

The two were still together as of late January 2014. The issue I see here is that Amanda can not really leave Orange County where the dad lives and this could be an issue. But an insider told us,

“There is no unfinished business between the two of them. She is an amazing mom to their two young children but her relationship with Nick is nothing more than he is the father of their two children.”

Amanda Stanton’s ex husband
Source: facebook

Even if there is “no unfinished business” there is the “business” of two young girls moving away from their dad and I don’t see Ben being the guy who creates that opportunity for anyone. Ben is far too guilt-ridden as it is.

UPDATE 02/01/2016: Ok after seeing tonight’s episode of The Bachelor I take it back on Amanda Stanton. I don’t think she will have a problem moving from the OC—although she does share joint custody with her baby-daddy, Nick appears to be a d-bag of truly epic proportions. Hopefully that will alleviate Ben’s guilt about handing Amanda a final rose.

So season 20 of The Bachelor, ex boyfriends abound in the very recent background for some front-runners. Both Jojo and Caila have already mentioned their exes, but we are still waiting on Olivia and Amanda to address the situation.

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