Vanderpump Rules on episode 13 Stassi Schroeder in damage control

Vanderpump Rules on episode 13: ‘The Bitch is Back’

On Monday the cast of Vanderpump Rules hits Hawaii, but back at home the two marginalized cast members of VP Rules are trying to stay relevant and employed–Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder. 27-year-old Stassi had been reaching out to 32-year-old Kristen and now that Kristen has been iced out by everyone but Jax she is looking for people who can keep her on the show.

Stassi was really not supposed to be on this season BTW. That’s why she comes in so late in the game. But Stassi hit rock bottom and is likely broke so she contacts producers with her tail between her legs and is allowed some air time.

Big difference between last year and this year. Stassi was supposed to have her own spin-off which she sort of did for 1/2 a second, but Bravo realized that Stassi’s real talent (a fine art really) was her ability to effortlessly and shamelessly confront her co-workers and manipulate her boyfriends. This unfortunately has backfired because no one from the cast wants to talk to her. It also doesn’t help that Stassi’s boyfriend refuses to be on the show so Stassi has no canvasses to work with.

But Stassi will have to earn her air time and her paycheck (Lisa Vanderpump really knows how to get her money’s worth out of her cast). So Stassi starts by telling us things are not great between her and boyfriend Patrick Meagher.

Kristen asks about Patrick and Stassi says that their relationship went from “0 to old married couple over night” and that the two “stopped having sex” so “something had to change.” This prompted Stassi to move out, but she insists that this does not mean that they are broken up.

Stassi also concedes ” I realized I compromised a lot of friendships.”

She also contends that after she broke up with ex boyfriend Jax Taylor, 36 she started dating someone else who shopped around a sex tape of her “playing with herself.”

Wow, the boyfriend actually wasn’t Jax! Earlier she said,

“Take the most private moment you could ever have, and then have people looking at it and shopping it around,” …… “I never wanted anyone to know about it, but that was the reason I felt a certain way about a lot of them and it looked weird on camera because I couldn’t justify why I was hating on them.”

Anyhow Scheana Shay shared the embarrassing video with her castmates and Stassi was livid…understandably. But she has alienated everyone from the cast and is even having issues with her boyfriend. Needless-to-say Stassi returns doing damage control and is clearly feeling vulnerable which makes her…..dare I say…..nice?

Stassi is shockingly pleasant with arch enemy Kristen Doute and encourages her to “play the field” and even confronts Kristen’s new boyfriend Jax’ friend Kevin from Austin, Texas about the fact that he has a live-in girlfriend (from her social media stalking).

Stassi also talks about how devastated she was that she missed out on Katie Maloney‘s engagement. Next week things don’t go quite as smoothly for her as she is forced to confront her castmates….even Jax.

Vanderpump Rules airs every Monday at 9pm on Bravo.

Photo Source: Bravo

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