Jubilee Sharpe reveals what her tattoo says

The Bachelor is famous for awkward date situations. Some ladies love to be center stage, other ladies have a hard time relaxing in front of a camera crew and a boom mic operator during their 9-week journey to find a life partner and contestant Jubilee Sharpe happens to be one of those ladies.

Tonight, the 24-year-old Veteran won the award for most awkward 1 on 1 date: first by greeting Bachelor Ben Higgins at the mansion by telling him he’s 20 minutes late for their date and then after flying to a high end spa by eating caviar and promptly spitting it out.

Poor Jubilee. Don’t be fooled. Just because she is a bad ass military Vet doesn’t mean she is entirely fearless and isn’t riddled with anxiety. The date”scared” her and sent her in to a bit of an awkward shame spiral.

“I felt like I was kind of out of my element. I was just so nervous, and I was kind of scared.”

But Jubilee does not believe in giving up. She tells Ben about her rough life and being an orphan in Haiti and her lack of any blood relatives. Tonight she revealed what one of her 13 tattoos says in regards to not giving up.

Jubilee took to Twitter to reveal what her “trashy tattoo says”.

“My trashy tattoo says “the past is practice.” I have quite a past. Practice makes “perfect.” My past made me who I am. Awkwardness and all.”


Thankfully there was a hot tub to redeem this awkward date where Jubilee was able to show off her rockin’ bod and her tattoos to Ben while teasing Ben Higgins about being a “white boy”. BTW, Ben is SUCH a white boy his tattoo says,

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

Awwwww, don’t sweat it Jubilee, you more than compensated for the awkwardness, but ABC may have to sent you to charm school before BiP.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on ABC.

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