Men Tell All: Chad Johnson lashes out at Grant Kemp and Robby Hayes for dumping girlfriends to be on the show

Men Tell All: Chad Johnson lashes out at Grant Kemp and Robby Hayes for dumping girlfriends to be on the show Last night, The Bachelorette, once again was interrupted by this damn election! But I guess Bill Clinton was at least in lock step with the show as he used the DNC to boast about his … Read more

Chad Johnson dating Robby Hayes’ jilted ex Hope Higginbotham!

In one of the strangest twists in Bachelor/Bachelorette history Bachelorette villain Chad Johnson is coincidentally dating the ex girlfriend that Robby Hayes dumped to be on the show!!! Yep, in some inexplicable sick twist of fate 27-year-old Oklahoma realtor Chad ran into 24-year-old Florida realtor Hope Higginbotham “while traveling this weekend.” Maybe Hope does not own a television?…or have access … Read more

Jubilee Sharpe lashes out on Women Tell All

War veteran Jubilee Sharpe gets some armchair time with Bachelor host Chris Harrison Monday night on Women Tell All and things get uncomfortable when Jubilee confronts her co-stars for some of the the harsh comments they made about her during her 1 on 1 date with Bachelor Ben Higgins. Remember Jubilee rubbed some of the girls the wrong … Read more

Jubilee Sharpe reveals what her tattoo says


The Bachelor is famous for awkward date situations. Some ladies love to be center stage, other ladies have a hard time relaxing in front of a camera crew and a boom mic operator during their 9-week journey to find a life partner and contestant Jubilee Sharpe happens to be one of those ladies. Tonight, the 24-year-old Veteran … Read more

Ben Higgins Bachelor premiere — landing gears touch down


Tonight the long awaited season 20 of The Bachelor began and Bachelor Ben Higgins got to meet his carefully curated selection of amazing ladies to date and potentially propose to after 9 weeks. First Ben meets with some previous Bachelors to get their advice — Chris Soules, Sean Lowe and Jason Mesnick. They pump him up. I … Read more

Jubilee Sharpe — Bachelor 2016 — Bio, Photos, Wiki


Jubilee Sharpe — Bachelor 2016 — Bio, Photos, Wiki Name: Jubilee Sharpe Age: 24 Hometown: Ashland, Oregon  — born in Haiti, adopted by an American couple. Occupation: Model. Was a Private first class at Fort Polk garrison. She is now studying to be cardiac sonographer tech. Height: 5’4 Weight: 130 Tattoos: 13. Jubilee reveals what one of her tattoos says Education: Southern … Read more

Ben Higgins potential contestant list for Bachelor 2016

It’s hard to believe that filming for Bachelor 2016 is about to begin, but it begins Sunday September 21st, 2015. And the cast has been chosen. Reality Steve said he would post a list next week sometime but it looks like some of the potentials are already known….. Lots of models and a few actresses … Read more