RHOP Katie Rost gushes about her wealthy, Jewish boyfriend Andrew Martin

Real Housewives of Potomac star Katie Rost was gushing over her boyfriend Andrew Martin tonight on the premiere of the fledgling season of the Bravo show.

Katie described her ethnicity as half-African American and half caucasian, but claimed she loved white Jewish boys and apparently they LOVE her because Andrew seemed just as smitten with the stunning 35-year-old model. She also said she loved the way Andrew handled money aka he is rich!

Anyhow, what does Andrew Martin do that makes him such a stellar “handler of money”?

He is an investment banker in DC. It doesn’t get richer than that. He has been a broker and advisor at Oppenheimer & Co Inc in Washington, DC since 2013, but prior was an Investment banker at Morgan Stanley in Bethesda, Maryland (2000-2012)) and Prudential (1994-2000).

He graduated from the Western Maryland College in 1993 which would put him in his 40s.

But Andrew did show us his softer side tonight helping Katie care for her 3 children. Katie is seriously hoping Andrew will put a ring on it.

In her Bravo blog she said this about her relationship with Andrew. 

My mom actually introduced me to Andrew and very much encouraged our relationship – she even gave him my number. They belong to the same golf club in Potomac and my mom had probably vetted Andrew as having husband potential. He’s single, Jewish, good looking, comes from good family and is a very elegant man. His only bad qualities are being golf obsessed (kind of annoying) and being like escape artist Houdini when marriage is brought up (super annoying).

I don’t understand why Andrew thinks slow and steady wins the race. I’ll be 80 if I don’t keep the pressure on him. Andrew has been very slow and steady for all the years he was waiting for me to show up in his life. Now I’m here and he should grab it and lock it down. When you want something, take possession before someone else does in my opinion.”

Katie was already married once to Dr. James Orsini whom she has  three-year-old James Rocco and 14-month-old twin daughters Kathryn and Renee with.

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2 thoughts on “RHOP Katie Rost gushes about her wealthy, Jewish boyfriend Andrew Martin”

  1. This girl is such a want to be white Jewish Princess. She is offensive to black women and the Jewish race. How could she claim she is so down with Jewish customs but can’t even read a word of Hebrew? And how offensive to show up post RHWOP reunion to all of her media STUNTS sporting a dry ass Afro. Bitch, you ain’t fooling anybody with your fake and stank BLACK WANNA BE WHITE ASS. Now that her buttoned up white man is long gone, she’s trying to be real black with it and wear braids…see y’all I’m black now. Bitch how dare you insult black women like that and mock the culture with that dry looking shit on your head. You and that Rachel Dozell whatever bitch should hook up and switch bodies. Then y’all would be so happy-now wouldn’t ya?
    You make black folks ashamed and embaresed for you and you offend Jewish people. Please stop being a thirsty ass wanna be THOT and get real.

    • As a Black woman, I could care LESS about what another Black woman claims to be (race wise), how she does her hair, how she raises her biracial children, what color/race the men are that she dates? On top of that, I wouldn’t call another woman a B word just because she lives her life the way SHE chooses. Montana, you need to get a grip. You’re like the sistas I grew up with who are obsessed with what the next girl does says and or wears. What does it have to do with YOUR life? Be you and if Katie Rost doesn’t know who she is, so what? I have empathy towards her not anger (and no, I’m not biracial). Your anger and vile comments about Katie Rost is shocking (though not really).


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