Robyn Dixon on living with her ex husband Juan Dixon

Tonight on the premiere of the freshman season of The Real Housewives of the Potomac we met publicist Robyn Dixon, 36 who interestingly was still living with her famous ex husband Juan Dixon.

The two met in High School so they have quite a long history together.

In her Bravo blog she addressed why she and Juan had chosen the unconventional living arrangement.

“Living with my ex-husband Juan may sound crazy to most but honestly for me, it works! We have such a long history – we met in high school – and genuine love for one another, that living together now just feels like we picked up where we left off when we divorced. And let’s not forget about our two handsome boys! They are our hearts and we want to give them the best life possible. In my opinion, living in a two-parent household is so important for a child’s development. I’d love for my boys to have the same experience I had as a child living with both of my parents.”

“Now I know everyone’s burning question is whether we date other people. I honestly have no interest in dating right now, so for me, this is easy. As long as Juan and I are both growing as individuals and strengthening our relationship as parents, we should be able to be happy living under the same roof! At some point though, we will have to get out of this gray area and either bring on the romance or call it a day!”

Well let’s just wait and see what happens when Juan starts bringing ladies home. This could be an epic situation.

Photo Source: Bravo


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