Exclusive — Amanda Stanton’s ex husbands Tinder profile DURING their marriage

Tonight we learned Amanda Stanton‘s ex husband cheated on her during their marriage. Not only that but he treated her very badly while they were together. On her 1 on 1 with Bachelor Ben Higgins in Mexico City she claimed that,

“He had a very addictive personality and wasn’t always the nicest person to me.”

“I found an old cell phone of his, there was a bunch of text messages from ex-girlfriends,” …..”Girls that he was meeting on online dating sites and stuff like that.”

In fact an insider sent us Nick’s Tinder profile before the show began where he strategically cropped Amanda out of the photo while they were married!

“The first photo that you used of Nick with Amanda and one of their daughters was actually used for his Tinder account that he had while they were married… He cropped Amanda out of the photo and used one of his small daughters to make it appear that he was a single dad. Here’s the photo for his Tinder account at that time:”amanda_stanton_ex_Tinder_profile

Here is the original photo,

amanda_stanton_ex_cheatingWow!! The Tinder profile says,

“Single loving father of two beautiful girls. I am not looking for a one night fling, or for a serious relationship at this point. Just looking to meet someone outgoing, adventurous, and caring. Big believe in that everything happens for a reason. God is a big part of my life”

“Caring”? “everything happens for a reason”? — including creating a Tinder profile while I’m married? And how ’bout “God is a big part of my life”!! WHOAH! This is a situation FOR sure.

Additionally the insider claims that 28-years-old Nick Buonfiglio lives in San Clemente with his parents. So in other words, he is a d-bag of epic proportions.

Nick Buonfiglio speaks out on his divorce

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