Erika Jayne – Girardi’s maiden name and 1st husband revealed

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star 44-year-old Erika Jayne aka Erika Girardi is the greatest thing to happen to the franchise since Lisa Vanderpump. She is sassy and confidant and makes NO apologies for her racy music videos and role as a sex symbol and gay pride superstar. She also makes no apologies for being married to a man 32 years her senior!

But considering she is so straight forward and cocksure she has a rather mysterious past. Obviously “Girardi” is from her husband Thomas Girardi and “Jayne” is her stage name, but you will be hard pressed to find anything about who she was before meeting her very powerful husband super attorney Thomas Girardi, 76.

What about her life before that?

Actually we know she was born July 10, 1971 in Atlanta, Georgia to an 18-year-old mother. An insider revealed to us that her mother is piano teacher and actress Renee Chahoy, 62. 

Erika’s grandfather and Renee’s father Hollis Macy Peek, died in 2010 at the age 81 and her grandmother was Ann T. Peek.

We also know that Erika moved to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a singer and performer and was married and had a son just before turning 21.

But who is Erika Girardi’s first husband and son?

Source: JCPAL
Erika Girardi’s 23-year-old son Tommy
Source: JCPAL

Between the ages of 21 and 28 there is virtually no info on her.

I have been searching high and low for this info, but thanks to an insider we know a little bit more. Her maiden name is Erika Chahoy. She is also known as Erika Zizzo. Zizzo was her ex husband’s last name. His name is Thomas Zizzo. He is 45-years-old and from New Jersey. Her son, the police officer is 23-year-old Tommy Zizzo. He moved from Jersey City, New Jersey to Los Angeles sometime before 2014. He now lives in Pasadena.

The ex looks like quite a situation!–He now runs a business called Hunk Mansion Marketing out of Las Vegas Nevada. It appears that he is running a business of male strippers…or at least a business coordinating male strip packages for women and couples–which is amazing!

Erika Girardi 1st husband Thomas Zizzo
Source: Linkedin

I also can not find any records pertaining to the official marriage between Thomas Girardi and Erika. In fact there is an IRS lien on taxes filed from 2000-2002 for an assessment of $4,561,436.45 to taxpayer Thomas V Girardi and Erika Chahoy. I suppose it’s possible that Erika kept her last name, but goes by Girardi. She has been with Girardi since 1999. By the way she is all paid up now.

The insider also revealed that Girardi’s wife prior to Erika was Kathy Risner. The two were married in September of 1993. And she was actually his second wife meaning Erika is a THIRD wife.

There has GOT to be more to this story!

Tom Girardi ex wives revealed

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11 thoughts on “Erika Jayne – Girardi’s maiden name and 1st husband revealed”

  1. There are a few women who married to older men with lots of dough… It’s so obvious why. But that’s what real life is. I heard this from Joan Rivers…. Lo

  2. does it really matter to anyone who Erica’s 1st husband is , what he does and what she did before she married Tom Girardi . Good luck to her , she has amazing body , she is fun and totally loving and loyal to her friends , she isn’t affecting any one else’s life , so let her be to live her life her own way

    • I dont disagree with you. I like Erika. I don’t have issues w/ her ex or her racy videos etc. The only thing that sometimes bugs me about EJ is when she gets all new age JZ Knight on the show and starts talking about “the universe” and “abundance”. Then I get annoyed. Other than that…whatev


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