Jojo Fletcher’s Hometown was such an uncomfortable situation

Jojo Fletcher’s Hometown was so epic last night on The Bachelor. It started off bad and it just kept getting worse. In fact we have not seen a Hometown train wreck of this magnitude since Desiree Hartsock’s brother Nate nearly came to blows with Bachelor Sean Lowe.

So here is the situation breakdown from last night….

Situation 1: She arrives home with Bachelor production in tow to 2 dozens roses sitting on her doorstep. Jojo assumes the roses are from Ben Higgins. But as she reads the attached letter she quickly realizes that they are from her ex boyfriend 38-year-old Chad Rookstool who has decided that he is NOW ready to commit–now that she is 2 weeks away from being engaged to someone else. You can literally see her face change the moment she realizes the letter and roses are not from Ben.

“No, no…….I don’t want to read this. This letter’s not from Ben. Its from my ex…..Im not reading that. That’s not what I want to read. Thats so f@cked up.”


Situation 2: She calls her ex ——– on a producers phone.

Chad tells her,

“I literally have gone through so much since you’ve been gone” …..”its taken me this time apart to grow and mature” (time apart=6 weeks). Chad was dog sitting for Jojo so obviously they had been in contact since the break up 5 months earlier, but had not seen one another since Jojo left to film the show a few weeks earlier—- not a great sign….for Ben.


Situation 3: Ben shows up and Jojo is in tears.

Jojo tells Ben she got a letter and some roses. “It was from an ex who I guess this whole time has been having realizations”….. “it angered me so I felt like I needed to put an end to that so I called him just now and I told him how happy I was”.

Problem is Jojo does not seem ‘happy’. She is clearly distraught and unnerved by the event.


Situation 4: Ben is clearly upset by the news.

“I’ve seen this before. Ive dated somebody and someone else from the past came into their life and things didn’t go well for me and I feel very uncomfortable with this.”

YEP! Ben has seen this before Jojo. He has been cheated on and he has issues, and he is ‘uncomfortable’ with this.


Situation 5: Is Jojo’s mom drunk?

Don’t get me wrong. I would not hold it against her. I  don’t see how anyone could do Hometowns without being drunk, but she seemed really really drunk.

Situation 6: Could this Hometown get any worse?


Situation 7: Yes it could. Brothers Ben Patton, 34 and Matt Patton, 38 grill Ben about his feelings for Jojo and accuse him of being disingenuous when he has signed a $5 million dollar contract with ABC that FORCES him to be disingenuous and not reveal his true feelings until the end.


Situation 8: Ben Patton mentions her “last relationship” aka Chad and claims it was a “rollercoaster”, which is interesting since Chad had just tried to reconnect with Jojo so it looks like this roller coaster ride is still in motion.


Ultimately I don’t think it was the brothers that did Jojo in. It was the ex. The 2 dozen rose maneuver was an epic act of dickish sabotage. So if Jojo does not get a rose and a Neil Lane ring in the end she can place the blame squarely on Chad. In fact from now on when an ex shows up on Hometowns professing their love for a happy contestant about to be engaged to the lead of the show we will call it “pulling a Chad”.

Special thanks to Sean from Whip Clip!

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