Mike Fleiss claims Bachelor Ben Higgins finale will be ‘brutal’

Season 20 Bachelor finale will be epic!

Previews for 26-year-old Bachelor Ben Higgins finale look seriously intense. Of course producers are often guilty of tricking us with their ninja editing skills and making finales look far more ‘dramatic’ than they actually are, but this time they may be telling the truth. In the preview Ben lets his runner up go and then proclaims,

“It doesn’t feel right. This is the biggest mistake I’ve made and I want to keep her in my life. I don’t want to say goodbye, because that’s how much I love her.”

“I’m about to get on one knee and ask a woman to marry me, unfortunately I just love somebody else more.”

In fact Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss told Us the finale will be “brutal”.

“Sometimes you get those exits and the girls seem sort of relieved. Not this time. There’s heavy, heavy heartbreak,” …….“Ben took everything seriously more than any Bachelor we’ve ever had… [The process] hit Ben really hard.”

Wow! Ben does take his role very seriously. This finale is going to be hard to watch. Usually we know that the lead has made his decision long before the actual finale, but this time sounds different and it sounds like Ben is going to be tortured by his decision to let one girl go.

The last time we had a situation like this was Jason Mesnick’s dramatic season finale in 2009 where he let now-wife Molly Malaney go in favor of Melissa Rycroft. Jason sobbed uncontrollably after saying goodbye to Molly and eventually realized that he had made the wrong decision and changed his mind on the After the Final Rose episode in a special that was “so dramatic” ABC had to ditch the live studio audience!

AFTR is going to be epic for Ben’s season especially with the news that Ben’s runner up is now dating Bachelorette villain Nick Viall.

So stay tuned because regardless this finale is going to be a situation!!!

Bachelor season 20 finale, airs on March 14th, 2016 on ABC

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