Stassi Schroeder confronts Tom Schwartz

“Karma’s a bitch”. I seem to recall those words coming from the mouth of Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder a while ago, but it looks like she has to eat her words and swallow her pride tonight as she comes begging for forgiveness from her cast-mates. One cast-mate she has to confront is the fiancee of her ex best friend Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz — the guy that she said had a “vagina”.

Now to her credit, one thing Stassi is great at is appearing sincere and manipulating people. But it looks like the Stassi spell is wearing off on everyone and no one is falling for it.

First of all why is she not wearing green the “apology color”?

Source: Bravo
Source: Bravo

Stassi has likely been terrified of this conversation so she had been drinking all night long in anticipation of it. Tom confronts her right away for being “a pain in the ass, and a bitch, and venomous.”

Stassi starts to cry, but Tom doesn’t stop, claiming that she has lost all the endearing parts of her personality, leaving just a “smug, bitchy shell”. Stassi gets defensive shocked that anyone could be so angry at her saying, “Did I, like, kill your dog?”

Stassi responds like a true professional playing the “I was hurt” card, “I am the type of person that, in order to protect myself, if you hurt me, I cut you out,” Stassi says. “I’ve done that with everybody in my life.”

“With shocking ease,” Tom replies.

“Yes, and that is a fault of mine,” Stassi concedes. “Yes, and I am now realizing this.”

In this case Stassi has two goals. She misses her best friend Katie and she wants to get back on the well-paying hit show. But Lisa has told her that her cast-mates have to allow her back which is brilliant on Lisa’s part.

Stassi is tough to read because she is such a good performer. She knows how to manipulate to get what she wants so it’s hard to know if she would be doing any of this if her salary did not depend on it.

Keep in mind she has just broken up with Patrick and she is couch surfing at Kristen Doute’s apartment–real “rock bottom”, but she also works hard for what she wants.

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