Olivia Caridi’s elimination was a seriously uncomfortable situation

Virginia News Reporter Olivia Caridi was finally eliminated in one of the most uncomfortable and dramatic eliminations in Bachelor history tonight.

For some bizarre reason (ratings) Ben takes Olivia from Mexico all the way to the Bahamas so he can take her on a 2 on 1 date with Emily Ferguson and talks to her for all of 2 minutes before eliminating her.

But first Ben pulls Olivia aside in Mexico talk to her about the other women and their issues with her, but Olivia is not phased and claims she just has nothing in common with the other women. She tells him,

“I’m grounded, in tune with my body…deep intellectual things are just my jam.”

When she gets the rose she says, “I don’t think the other people in the house have progressed like Ben and I…I have a rose. I’m not going anywhere.” (You may not be going anywhere Olivia, but I think Ben is!)

The rose sends poor Emily into a meltdown. In fact she is having so much anxiety about the impending 2 on 1 date that the she calls her twin on her special twin phone because as you know contestants are not allowed to call anyone in the outside world while taping…unless you are a twin.

On the date the three take a speedboat to the world’s tiniest island. They sit on the beach under an overcast sky with the wind blowing behind them in very awkward silence before Ben asks Olivia if he can speak to her. Making the situation more uncomfortable he takes the rose—- which convinces both Emily and Olivia that she is getting said rose—-with him to talk to her on the other side of the island which is all of 10 feet away.

Olivia is confident telling Ben,

“From the moment I met you I knew it was right…I’m in love with you.”

“I don’t think I can reciprocate those feelings,” Ben responds, “It’s just not a place I can get to. … Today, I can’t give you this rose,” he continues. And then walks away!!!

Olivia is not happy saying, “What I thought Ben wanted was everything that I am. But I guess not,” ………”He let go of a really good person today.”

Olivia is left alone as the waves are crashing and all I can think is if the speedboat does not come back to get her before high tide she is toast!

The best part was when the PA showed up to the ladies’ hotel to grab Olivia’s luggage. We have not had a good “luggage grab” in a some time.

Luckily she did safely return home and she is back to work. I can’t imagine Olivia will have a tough time finding a life partner after her amazing showing on The Bachelor.

If there is a God producers will lock her down for Bachelor in Paradise in September.

Photo Source: Bravo

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