11 things to know about Southern Charm’s Shep Rose

Southern Charm follows the lives of Charleston’s young elites. One of the shows stars — 34-year-old socialite/raconteur Shep Rose has acquired quite a following with his easy-going, fun-loving party-boy ways, but there may be a few things that you don’t know about him.

1: He is the 3rd Shep Rose in his family! That’s right. There are/were 2 OTHER Shep Roses in the world!

And his first name is actually “William” not “Shep”.

His full name is William Shepard Rose III. The OG Shep served in the United States Army under General Patton in Western Europe during World War II.

2: He is VERY VERY tall. Shep talks on the show about how he has to special order his clothing because of his height and his extraordinarily long limbs. He is 6′-4″ tall.southern-charm-season-2-founders-ball-01

3: He has an arrest record.

Shep was arrested May 24th, 2015 in Redwood City, California for Disorderly Conduct and Public Intoxication at the Woodside Plaza Shopping Center.

4: He is the nephew of former S.C. Department of Public Safety director B. Boykin Rose (the town of Boykin and the state dog — the Boykin Spaniel — are both named after his mother’s family).

William Shepard Rose III grandmother Meta Cantey Boykin

5: His grandmother Meta Cantey Boykin Rose was a licensed pilot.

6: His family money comes from steel. Shep lives off of a trust fund because his family comes from old south money. His grandfather was President of Armco International.

In fact on a Southern Charm reunion Andy asked Shep how he financed his lifestyle. He responded,

“I have a couple funds out there”.

7: He’s smarter than he looks. Shep studied business at Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Business in Nashville, Tennessee.

8: Prior to opening his hot dog business, he lived in South Florida and worked in the resort development business.

9: He has 2 siblings — a brother named Whitaker and a sister named Katherine.

Source: Bravo
Source: Bravo


10: It was Whitney Sudler Smith who recruited Shep to star on the show.

11: He is not as big of a Playboy as it appears. Shockingly Shep has only had a handful of girlfriends including ex girlfriend Danni Baird.shep_rose_ex

“I’ve only had a handful of girlfriends in my life” and “I would never date someone that I wouldn’t possibly marry”.

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