Ben Higgins and fiancee headed for break up after Ben’s dual declarations of love

It sounds like the finale of Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor will actually be ‘the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history’ since according to producers the 26-year-old software sales executive is genuinely torn and in love with both of his finalists, Jojo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell.

Ben has already made it publicly known that he proposes to the woman he chooses in the end–which is pretty amazing since he told the other girl he was “in love” with her hours earlier.

By the way he proposes on the finale with a very impressive three-carat, emerald-cut diamond engagement ring set in platinum worth an estimated $100,000.

Anyhow, Monday night on the Women Tell All, Ben claimed that he would marry the woman he proposed to on the finale “tomorrow”. But it sounds like that may not be an option and things are not going so smoothly behind-the-scenes.

In fact it looks like all of this on-screen drama is causing problems in his budding relationship with his now fiancee off screen.

A report in In Touch claims,

“She is having a very hard time getting over the fact that Ben told another woman ‘I love you’ within hours of proposing to her.” …. “The winner knew that Ben had feelings for the runner-up, but she didn’t realize how strong those feelings were until she watched the show. He was indecisive on who to pick until the last minute.”

This is exactly what I wanted to know. I could not imagine that the winner was fine with Ben’s profession of love for both Jojo and Lauren. And the show is only going to get harder to watch for the winner. We have not even seen the finale yet!–where Ben meets with Neil Lane to pick out an engagement ring and is allegedly still torn!

Just look at the previews where a confused and distraught Ben shirks ABCs camera crews and takes Jojo in to the bathroom where they sit on the floor and he whispers that he is “in love” with her!

That surely will not go over well with Lauren.

Apparently the winner is “telling friends she doesn’t l know if she can go through with the wedding. She feels like their trust is broken.”

Did they already make plans for a wedding?

Ben has announced that he is engaged.

“He’s jumping through hoops right now,” In Touch says. “Ben went and spoiled all that to prove his love. All he wants is to get married and start a family. He’s made it clear that he’ll do anything for her.”

The insider goes on to say, “These last few months have been brutal. Ben and his fiancée have been fighting nonstop. He feels emotionally dumped. At this point, the romance is gone between them.”

Incidentally just to add to the tension Ben also slept with all 3 of his finalists in the Fantasy Suites.

The Bachelor season 20 finale airs on March 14th, 2016 on ABC.

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