Former Bachelor Jake Pavelka crashes Jojo Fletcher’s season of the Bachelorette!

Former Bachelor Jake Pavelka — from the epic and highest rated season of The Bachelor of all time (On the Wings of Love 2010) will appear on Jojo Fletcher’s season of the Bachelorette!

Yep the 38-year-old Dallas pilot will show up unannounced per Reality Steve. So is Jake looking to pursue Jojo?

No, unfortunately he is not going on the show looking for love this time. It sounds like it’s a little bit of a prank…especially considering ABC probably knows we will all anxiously be waiting to see if her ex boyfriend Chad Rookstool shows up. Thus I’m sure we will get a lot of teaser clips about a surprise visitor showing up — cut to a guy walking with face blurred.

In fact ABC’s press release teases,

“An unexpected visitor from the past arrives and pulls the shocked Bachelorette aside, as the other men wonder if they have new competition for JoJo’s heart…”.

Jake has actually known JoJo and her family for years. He has been friends with her brothers Ben Patton and Matt Patton. Remember Jake also grew up in Denton, Texas. Given that they have to find a reason for Jake to be there, he will offer his amazing advice to the guys which is amazing considering he made the worst decision ever on the show when he picked Vienna Girardi!

But it will be good to see Jake again. But also a sad reminder that this process often does not work!

Anyhow more teasers in the press release,

“A DJ brings a classic R&B group, All-4-One, to serenade her…”
“One Southern gentleman uses his guitar to charm JoJo with a song he wrote for her…”
So basically the show will be chock full of men looking for record contracts.


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