Lala Kent and James Kennedy diss their Vanderpump Rules co-stars in prep for season 5

Lala Kent and James Kennedy are feeling pretty confident after season 4 of Vanderpump Rules saw a 40% ratings increase.

Lala was definitely put through the ringer on her fledgling season of the show by her co-stars, but she is not shrinking back after a pretty rigorous hazing. In fact her and James are a united front once again (despite not being “united” romantically) and they are throwing some serious shade at their co-stars.

James and Lala sat down with Nik Richie for a recent interview.

In response to Jax Taylor minimizing their contribution to the show Lala said,

“I think they’re worried. If we weren’t on screen, we were in their mouth, so they kept us pretty relevant.”

In fact Lala went on to say that she thinks her co-stars go to each other’s houses and plan what’s going to go on during filming.

Well yeah. I think she is definitely right. It’s funny how every successful reality show turns in to Survivor after a few successful seasons. Given the breakout success of VP Rules and the 6 figure paycheck the stars receive they have to be worried about being replaced.

As far as the show being scripted James says it’s not really scripted, but that the co stars do try and control the storylines and it always backfires. Lala chimes in “it’s like they try to knock our hustle but while they do it, they’re just keeping us very relevant.”

Actually we received a great little nug on that from an insider in 2014 about Lisa Vanderpump scrambling to find a love interest for Jax after Stassi left.

In regards to what Lala thinks of how James is portrayed on the show, she says he’s “a shit that you can’t keep your eyes off because it’s such a disaster.”

James continues, “it fuels me a little to be a little shit to Jax. I find it amusing.”

Well he definitely is and no doubt that train wreck is a big reason for the explosive ratings on season 4.

Nik then addresses the money… as in the millions of dollars these reality train wrecks have made for boss and producer Lisa Vanderpump.

James answers, “It’s funny you say that because Lisa has actually noticed my level of talent so she actually manages me with Ken and she doesn’t manage anybody else on the show. It’s funny because Jax has been working with her for five years now.” ….. “she is making millions, but off the empire she’s built herself. You name it she’s done it”.

Yeah James knows better than to bite the hand that feeds him. (See Stassi Schroeder).

Then my favorite part of the interview. Lala tells Nik that she has a girl lined up for Tom Schwartz “when” he dumps Katie Maloney. OUCH!!!! Although are you sure he wants a “girl” Lala?

And one little update on her ex boyfriend Hayes Pullard. She says her boyfriend doesn’t care for James because he knows they slept together.


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