Jordan Rodgers claims brother Aaron Rodgers didn’t even know he was going on The Bachelorette!

So we already knew that 27-year-old Bachelorette contestant Jordan Rodgers was not on good terms with his very famous brother Aaron Rodgers, 32 but we didn’t exactly know the details. Tonight we received a few more details.

First Jordan and JoJo went on a kick-ass 1 on 1 to a vineyard where they got to crush grapes, drink their foot juice, and enjoy an impromptu hot-tub.

Then Jojo asked Jordan who she would be meeting on their Hometown date. Jordan felt compelled to tell JoJo that she would not be meeting his super famous middle brother Green Bay Packers NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers. WHAAT!? We have been waiting to meet Aaron ALL season!

‘Me and Aaron don’t have that much of a relationship.’

‘It’s just kind of the way he chose to do life and I chose to stay close with my family and my parents and my brother. Yeah it’s not ideal’.

Now the probable explanation appears to be that Aaron is disgusted by Jordan’s antics with women. Of course Jordan doesn’t say that, but it seems pretty apparent.jordan_rodgers_brother

Jordan does explain that they don’t have much of a relationship and that Aaron wasn’t even aware that Jordan had gone on The Bachelorette!!!

WHOAH! What is strange is that Aaron and his current girlfriend actress Olivia Munn do have a relationship with Jordan’s ex girlfriend Brittany Farrar —- the same girlfriend that’s blasting Jordan on social media for being a cheater.

But wait! Previews do show Jojo talking to Aaron and Aaron telling Jojo that the riff between him and his brother runs deeps and that they don’t discuss what is at the root of it.

It may be Jordan’s shady past with women, but maybe it’s more than that. Perhaps Jordan spilled some family secrets to the tabloids or to someone who went to the tabloids? I don’t know. My mind is reeling a bit and this is pure speculation, but one scenario I could see is the rumor that Aaron is gay.

It seems like the riff goes deep which makes me think it’s more than just how he treats women.

We will get to meet Jordan’s mother Darla Rodgers and Jordan’s father Edward Rodgers who live in Chico, California and have been happily married for 36 years!

We will also meet Jordan’s brother Luke Rodgers.

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