Stassi Schroeder and Patrick Meagher officially breakup

We knew things were rocky between 28-year-old Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder and boyfriend Patrick Meagher, 36, but we didn’t know exactly how bad things were since Patrick has never appeared on the show!

Last season of Vanderpump Stassi was coach-surfing on Kristen Doute’s couch after a rough patch with Patrick, but at the time Stassi insisted they were still together.

But recently Stassi announced their split on her Podcast Straight Up With Stassi.

‘We’ve broken up and gotten back together so many times, it was like, “Goda****, we can’t do this pattern anymore, this routine of breaking up and getting back together every month,’ she said.

‘And so I have to do something to make this official. Because I can’t do it. Like, I can’t…. This is a whole different type of break-up. It’s like a whole different type of thing.

‘I feel like I tweeted it because I deserve and he deserves so much better than this relationship where no one ever knows if we’re together or apart,’ she said. ‘We deserve something stable or steady.’

She added, ‘it’s not about getting rid of Patrick; it’s about getting rid of this routine. We fight all the time’.

“This is a whole different type of break-up,” she said, comparing it to her split with Jax Taylor. “It’s like a whole different type of thing. I didn’t lose any feelings for him. None of that changed. It’s just, like, I can’t handle this. Like, you don’t fit into my life. You don’t try to fit into my life enough, and we keep fighting, and I can’t handle breaking up all the time.”

“Normally, when we’ve broken up, I don’t get that upset because I feel like it’s going to be OK, you know what I mean?” …. “I don’t feel that way. I’m trying to be an independent, strong, 28-year-old woman who doesn’t want to settle for this weird pattern. And it’s not about settling for him. He’s a wonderful man. Nobody would be settling by being with him. It’s settling for the way that we are together. I can’t settle for that.”

UPDATE 11/06/2016: On the season premiere of Vanderpump Rules Stassi announced that she and Patrick are back together but living in separate apartments.


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