Men Tell All: Chad Johnson lashes out at Grant Kemp and Robby Hayes for dumping girlfriends to be on the show

Men Tell All: Chad Johnson lashes out at Grant Kemp and Robby Hayes for dumping girlfriends to be on the show

Last night, The Bachelorette, once again was interrupted by this damn election! But I guess Bill Clinton was at least in lock step with the show as he used the DNC to boast about his “journey” finding love with Hillary. It’s hard to imagine Bill and Hillary in a Fantasy Suite isn’t it! Ewww! Sorry for the visual.

As a side note, my dad told me that watching Bill Clinton talk about falling in love with Hillary was more embarrassing than watching The Bachelorette. Hahahaha!

Anyhow at 9:00PM Pacific Standard Time we finally saw the men of Joelle Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette come together to reminisce about dating the same woman and hating Chad.

Really, the Men Tell All should have been called “Chad tells all”. Chad Johnson re-emerged from his cage, security guards in tow to “tell on” the guys. I love how Chad is NEVER above the fray and never takes the “high road”. Thank God. The “high road” is so boring.

Chad dropped some bombshells right out of the gate revealing that he was dating both Robby Hayes’ ex girlfriend Hope Higginbotham and Grant Kemp’s ex girlfriend Jen Green….which is funny for so many reasons…only one of which is the fact that Jen lives in LA and Hope lives in Florida.

“You’ve gone so far out of your way to make us react to your bulls**t,” Kemp says. “You can have both of those girls. … It makes you guys look so thirsty. It’s a joke.”

So Chad is playing “Bachelor” off screen with the ex girlfriends of his Bachelorette enemies! Pretty impressive I have to admit.

Chad bashes the two men accusing them of dumping their girlfriends to go on the show.

“I like to let girls know that it’s better to date guys that are honest than date guys that pretend to be good guys and in the end are going to screw them over.”

Grant chimed in to defend his actions insisting he broke up with his girlfriend before the show, but that is not exactly true.

Chad also revealed that Robby has been “threatening” Hope not to talk to the tabloids or he would take legal action. Good luck with that Robby. If you date a crazy girl, you are gonna get crazy.

So Chad was a bit high and mighty blasting the other contestants for going on the show for fame and not love. He points to Jordan Rodgers looking for a job as a sports broadcaster, Wells Adams as a radio DJ, Luke Pell and James Taylor trying to sell records, and so on. He also claims they are all “unemployed”, which again is hilarious since an insider told us Chad is unemployed and lives at home with his dad.

But can Chad really pretend he is not using the show for self-promotion? He is clearly milking his 15 minutes for all it is worth.

And just in case America has not seen enough of Chad he will re-emerge from his cage once again with a slew of meat plates and security guards in tow in Mexico to find love in 3 weeks with other lucky Bachelor cast-offs.

And previews show Chad telling host Chris Harrison to “F&ck off”!! WHAAAT?!

I can’t imagine this won’t end well.

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