6 things to know about Bachelor in Paradise contestant Carly Waddell


6 things to know about Bachelor in Paradise contestant Carly Waddell

Carly Waddell was devastated on finale season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise when she was totally blindsided by love interest Kirk DeWindt. But the sweet, charming, gorgeous 30-year-old singer / songstress from the Arlington, Texas is back for her 3rd chance at love on national television! She is back for season 3 of BiP.

With that said let’s get to know Carly with 10 things you probably didn’t know about her.

1. She is the sister of Bachelorette contestant Zak Waddell, 34. Not only that, but she skipped her brother’s wedding last summer in Ireland to Elizabeth Coulon to find love in 3 weeks on ABC on season 2 of BiP!

She has another older brother named Denton.

2. After BiP season 2 wrapped Carly moved to Nashville, Tennessee and tried her hand at comedy.  Now I just want to make people laugh.” So it looks like Carly is trying her hand at some comedy now. Either way this girl likes to perform.

3. She dated Nashville, Tennessee singer/songwriter Erik DiNardo for 6 months beginning in August of 2015 immediately after Bachelor in Paradise wrapped.

The two broke up the day after Valentine’s Day this year.

In fact Carly said, “It was really sad and completely unexpected, on both of our parts.”

4. She studied Musical Theatre at the University of Oklahoma.

5. She wrote a song for Jade and Tanner’s wedding to sing a song that she wrote for the two of them.

6. She suffers from hyperthyroidism, an overactive thyroid which produces too much thyroid hormone.

Take heart Carly fans. It looks like Carly just might find love with single dad Evan Bass!

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