Robby Hayes’ fairytale comes to a devastating end

Bachelorette 2016 Joelle Fletcher

The Monday night finale of The Bachelorette was a roller-coaster for sure. Yes, we did get a happy ending…thank God! But it was hard, very hard, not to feel for 27-year-old Robby Hayes who was devastated when Jojo Fletcher told him that he was not going to get to keep the Neil Lane Princess cut diamond engagement ring….. or her.

Poor Robby!

It was truly heart-breaking to watch Robby drive away in the SUV sobbing into his pocket square. Robby seemed legitimately in love with the idea of being in love with Jojo. I mean his heart was “exploding with love” for the love of God when he met with Neil Lane!

I dare say the handsome professional/almost olympic swimmer came on a tad bit too strong. The funny thing is I always think…what guy would ever go on this show and take it seriously?? Robert Hunter Hayes Jr. That’s who.

He took his role of finding love in 9 weeks with a woman dating 24 other men VERY seriously and I give him huge props for that. In fact, he, unlike probably everyone else, actually did want to win this …. bad.

But alas, even Jojo’s hot brothers Ben and Matt Patton could not convince their baby sister to pick Robby over Jordan.Robby-Hayes-and-Bachelorette-JoJo-Fletcher-Hometowns-e1468634407751-670x388

On their last official date Robby waxed poetic about their idyllic love story, even planning the next 10 years of their life together.

He even came to Jojo’s hotel room before her date with Jordan Rodgers to make one last impassioned plea for the final rose.

But not even a meticulously crafted love letter or handmade scrapbook could save him. We knew this relationship was doomed the minute Robby stepped out of the fancy SUV in brown cowboy boots in the full light of day.

Brown shoes are always a death blow. That and the fact that the sun was still high in the sky. We all know the loser arrives first.

Robby was actually adorable talking about how their relationship had been such a real life fairy-tale. In fact I’m pretty sure Robby Hayes is actually a 13-year-old girl — talking about how he had dreamed about this his whole life.

It was obvious that he, unlike Jordan, actually did write his love letter to Jojo.

It was obvious that this, unlike for Jordan, actually was a dream come true.

But ultimately Jojo did dump Robby after he delivered a very passionate diatribe and persuasive case about why she should pick him.

robby-hayes-jojo-fletcher-breakupAnd for a split second there I thought maybe, just maybe he had a chance.

But no. Jojo stops him mid-diatribe, sobbing and telling him he was not the one. She was clearly devastated that she had to end Robby’s dream.

Jojo did say this about her decision to dump Robby right afterwards….

“What if that was a mistake,” …… “That scares me … I miss him already.” It should Jojo. It should.

But alas, it was not in the stars for team ROJO. This fairytale would not have a happy ending (unless of course Robby gets to be The Bachelor) hint hint, producers.

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